Three Southern Regional Railroads of the 1930's - 1940's
Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railway
Fordyce & Princeton Railroad
Ashley Drew & Northern Railway

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Three sister railroads in Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana were interrelated short line that we will group together. The Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railway (A&LM) was a short line railroad in the states of Arkansas and Louisiana. It had a main line running from Crossett, Arkansas to Monroe, Louisiana; 53 miles, and a branch from Huttig, Arkansas to the main line at Bastrop, Louisiana; 31 miles. Traffic consisted of lumber, paper, forest products and chemicals. The A&LM did run one passenger train between Crossett, Arkansas and Monroe, Louisiana in the early 30's but by 1939 the road was freight only. The A&LM connected with the Missouri Pacific Railroad at several points, the Rock Island, later the Fordyce & Princeton Railroad (F&P) at Crossett and th Y&MV (IC) at Monroe. The Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri's assets were sold to the Arkansas & Louisiana Mississippi in 1991. The Genesee and Wyoming bought the A&LM, and the F&P in 2004. The Fordyce & Princeton was a short line freight railroad, in Arkansas that acquired the Rock Island line to Crossett from Fordyce and acted as a interchage road with the A&LM, and the Ashley Drew & Northern Railway. The Ashley Drew & Northern Railway (AD&N) was a short line railroad in Arkansas running 41 miles from Monticello to Crossett where it connected with it's sister railroads. The AD&N ran a mixed train between it's terminus cities in the 30's. During its life, the AD&N carried lumber, plywood, paper products and chemicals. It was acquired y Georgia Pacific Corporation in 1963 as was the F&D, but was abandoned in 1996. The A&LM and F&P continue on under the Genesee & Wyoming ownership starting in 2004.
Short History of the "sister" railroads
The Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railway (A&LM)
1906 - On July 20, 1906 the Arkansas Louisiana and Gulf Railway (AL&G) was chartered to build a line from Monroe, LA to Pine Bluff, AR.
1908 - The line was completed from Monroe to Hamburg, AR (56.2 miles) and from Rolfe Jct. to Crossett, AR (5.3 miles) and opened October 1, 1908.
1913 - On May 29, 1913 the company was placed in receivership,
1915 - AL&G reorganized in December 1915 as the Arkansas & Louisiana Midland Railroad (A&LM).
1920 - The Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railway (A&LM) was organized July 31, 1920 as successor to the A&LM .
1931 - The A&LM ran one passenger train per day between Crossett, Arkansas and Monroe, Louisiana.
1949 - By 1949 the A&LM was a freight only line.
1991 - The assets of the A&LM were sold to Arkansas Louisiana & Mississippi on September 27, 1991.
2004 - Genesee & Wyoming, Inc bought the A&LM in January 2004.
Fordyce & Princeton Railroad (F&P)
1890 - The F&P was incorporated February 25, 1890 and opened a narrow gauge line from Fordyce to Toan, AR (9.4 miles).
1907 - The line was converted to standard gauge in October 1907. Additional spurs were operated from Cynthiana to Trigg (6 miles), and the Bryants spur (11 miles).
1962 - The F&P was freight only road, handling lumber and paper products. As business played out, the F&P had been reduced to 1.14 mile switching line at Fordyce.
1963- F&P ownership is Georgia Pacific.
1981 - In Januuary the F&P acquired the Rock Island line to Crossett, and the F&P interchanged with the A&LM at Crossett.
2004 - In March F&P is sold to Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.
The Ashley, Drew & Northern (AD&N>
1912 - The AD&N was incorporated on August 8, 1912 to build a line from Cremer to Monticello, Arkansas. 1913 - The AD&N t purchased the Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railway and opened in July 1913. The line connected with the Union Pacific, the Rock Island (later the Fordyce & Princeton Railroad) and the Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri.
1931 - The AD&N operated one mixed train between Monticello and Craossett, Arkansas, 41 miles.
1983 - Georgia Pacific Corporation acquired control in July 1963.
1996 - The AD&N was abandoned, while its sister railroads, the A&LM and F&D, continued on.

Ashley Drew & Northern
August - 1931

Arkansas & Louisiana Nissouri
February 1931
Ashley Drew & Northern - 1931
Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri - 1931

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