A Southeast Regional Railroad of the 1930's - 1940's
Atlanta and Saint Andrews Bay Railway

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The Atlanta and St. Andrews Bay Railway ran 82 miles from Panama City, Florida to Dothan, Alabama. The A&SAB boasted connections to three Class 1 railroads: Louisville and Nashville at Cottondale, Florida, and the Central of Georgia and Atlantic Coast Line. at Dothan. Throughout it's history the line's primary business was freight hauling; however, passenger service was available from the line's inception until 1957. The bulk of the freight hauled on the line was wood or wood products. Atlanta was reached via trackage rights over the Central of Georgia Railroad, from Dothan, Alabama, via Albany, and Macon, Georgia. (wik) During the 30's and 40's the A&SAB offered Pullman sleeping car service between Atlanta and Panama City in conjunction with the Central of Georgia's Athens and Macon connection. The A&SAB was known early on as the "Bay Line".(rp)

History of the Atlanta and Saint Andrews Bay Railway The "Bay Line"
1905 - The Atlanta and Saint Andrews Bay Railroad was founded by A. B. Steele.
1908 - A&SAB completed from Dothan, Alabama to Panama City, Florida Freight and passenger service inaugurated. Freight was primarily wood and wood products.

Atlanta and
Saint Andrews Bay
May 1949
post 1908 - A&SAB was owned, at different times, by Coca Cola, United Fruit, International Paper, and Stone Container Companies.
1947 - Railroad granted class 1 status.
1947 - A&SAB is completely dieselized, the first class 1 railroad in the U.S. to achieve this goal.
1957 - Passenger service discontinued.
1989-1994 - A small portion of the line from Grimes to Abbeville, Alabama is known as the Abbeville-Grimes Railway Co., and with CSX tackaage rights the Bay Line accessed Dothan.
1993 - Bay Line is sold by Stone Container to Rail Management Corp.
1994 - As a result of the sale the name officially changed from Atlanta and Saint Andrews Bay Railrway to The Bay Line Railroad. At this time, the company had 36 employees and approximately 100 miles of trackage.
1996 - Bay Line and A-G merge
2005 - Genesee and Wyoming acquires the Bay Line. The Bay Line Railroad continues operations.
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