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Atlantic and Yadkin Railway

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The Atlantic and Yadkin Railway (A&Y) was a short l line railroad in the state of North Carolina with a main line from Sanford northwest through Greensboro to Mt. Airy, a distance of 130 miles. It had a branch off the main line at Climax, south of Greensboro which ran 19 miles to Ramseur, and another branch north of Greensboro that ran 11 miles from Stokesdale to Madison. Total combined mileage of the A&Y was 160. The A&Y was an 1899 successor of the northern portion of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway which had predecessor operations as far back as 1845 and had built a line north from Fayetteville, North Caroline to Mt. Airy by 1891 to connect the interior resources of North Carolina to the port of Wilmington. The financially strapped CF&YV was sold at auction in 1899, the Wilmington end to thee Wilmington & Weldon (ACL) and the northern portion to the Southern to form the A&Y. In 1931 the A&Y ran a daily passenger train on its main between Sanford Greensboro and Mt. Airy, and another daily except Sunday train between Ramseur, Greensboro and Madison, 61 miles, utilizing its two branches and a portion of the main line. The A&Y was a subsidiary of the Southern Railway but operated indepndently from 1917 until its merger with the Southern Railway as part of the Winston-Salem Division in 1950.

Atlantic and Tadkin Railway - August 1931

Short history of the Atlantic and Yadkin Railway and predecessors

The Western Railroad (of North Carolina)
The Western Railroad was a railroad in North Carolina connecting Fayetteville to the coal fields of Egypt (now Cumnock). 1852 - A group of Fayetteville citizens obtained a charter from the North Carolina legislature in December to construct a railroad from Fayetteville to the coal fields of Chatham County (now Chatham, Moore, and Lee counties). The state helped finance, build, and operate the new railroad. Problems with the construction contracts and obtaining rights of way delayed its construction,
1858 - Tthe first rail was laid in 1858.
1861 - The first operations commenced to McIver's Depot.
1863 - The line was completed to Egypt in 1863 1865 - Much of WRR destroyed by Sherman's army in Civil War.
1868 - The line resumed operations in 1868.
1868-1870 - In the following two years, additional connections were made to the railroad, and it continued operations for another 11 years. 1879 - the railroad was renamed Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway.
The Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway
1879 - The CF&YV absorbed the Mount Airy and Ore Knob Railroad a small short line serving copper mines near Mt. Airy.
1879-1891 - The CF&YV expands its operations by building lines from Fayetteville to Wilmington to the southeast and expanding northward to Greensboro. 1891 - CF&YV has expanded northward to Mt. Airy to reach interior mountain areas of North Carolina and connect with the Mt. Airy and Ore Knob.
1899 - The Wilmington & Weldon Railroad (soon to be reformed as the Atlantic Coast Line) outbid the Southern Railway for the debt-ridden Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley in an 1899 auction.
cir 1900 - The Mt. Airy and Ore Knob Railway was not found on any maps of the 1890s up to 1900, so it was assume to have be abandoned by 1900.
The Atlantic and Yadkin Railway (A&Y)
1900 - The W&W did not want the whole of the CF&YV. So the CF&YV was sold to the Southern Railway, where it was reorganized as a new company under the name Atlantic & Yadkin Railway. The newly created A&Y then sold back the southern half of its lines from Sanford to Wilmington to the W&W. The northern half, from Sanford to Mt. Airy and branches, remained a subsidiary of the Southern Railway.
1900-1917 - Legal battles regarding the split of the CF&YV continued with many interests desiring a single owner for the trunk line from the North Carolina interior to the Atlantic port.
1917 - Southern allows A&Y to operate independently.
1924 - The A&Y declared bankruptcy and was taken over by receivers. Receivership required a division of assets and separate operations from the Southern Railway. Eventually, the A&Y was returned to solvency.
1931 - The A&Y ran a daily passenger train on its main between Sanford Greensboro and Mt. Airy, and another daily except Sunday train between Ramseur, Greensboro and Madison, 61 miles, utilizing its two branches and a portion of the main line.
late 1940's - The renewed profitability of the A&Y combined with the due date for the A&Y's $1.5 million in bonds led the Southern Railway to merge the line into its own Winston-Salem Division.
1950 - A&Y merger with Southern completed on January 1.
1950 - The Sanford to Mt, Airy line was operating with freight service only.
1967 - As of 1967 the old A&Y main was still being operated for freight service only.

Atlantic and Yadkin Railway - 1931

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