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Akron Canton & Youngstown Railway
Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad (1944)
Northern Ohio Railway

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The Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad (ACY)(1944) , in the mid-20th century. was a class 1 road, combining the original short ACY Railway that was a 7.5 mile short line between Akron and Mogadore, Ohio, and the Northern Ohio Railway (NOH) which, originally, was a narrow gaage line running west from Akron to Delphos, Ohio; 162 miles. The ACY was conceived in 1907 to provide an eastern outlet for the Rubber City's products Although the original ACY never reached its other two namesake cities, it prospered greatly. During the 30's and 40's the ACY/NOH, then ACY, ran one passenger train a day between Akron and Delphos, Ohio. Passenger service was discontinued in 1951. In 1964 the ACY was absorbed by the Norfolk & Western, and it's last bits of trackage are now operated by the new Wheeling and Lake Erie.

Akron Canton
& Youngstown
August 12, 1951

Akron Canton & Youngstown Railway
Northern Ohio Railway
1931 - before merger
Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad - 1950
Short History of the Akron Canton & Youngstown Railway (Railroad), and the Northern Ohio Railway
Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad (ACY)
1907 - A 7-1/2 mile line was proposed to extend east from Akron to Mogadore, Ohio to provide an eastern outlet for the Rubber City's products.
1912 - The first train was operated between Mogadore and Akron, Ohio on the Akron Canyon & Youngstown Railway (ACY),
1920 - The Northern Ohio Railway was leased and ACY, now a class 2 railroad, mileage exploded to 171, stretching west from Mogadore. through Alron to Delphos, Ohio.
1931-44 - ACY and NOH are running one passenger train a day between Mogadore and Delphos.
1944 - ACY and NOH merge as Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad (ACY).
1944-50 - Passenger train continues as ACY Railroad.
1951 - ACY is now freight service only.
1964 - ACY is sold to Norfolk and Western but maintains its ACY identity.
1982 - Norfolk Southern absorbs ACY and ACY loses it's identity.
1991 - NS sells remaining trackage of former ACY, from Carey, Ohio to Akron, 106 miles, to the new Wheeling and Lake Erie, which still operates to this day.
Northern Ohio Railway (NOH)
1881 - The Northern Ohio's route was constructed, from Akron to Delphos, Ohio, as part of an ill-fated narrow gauge empire.
1890 - NOH is standard gauged.
1895 - The struggling NOH was reorganized in 1895 as the Northern Ohio Railway and leased for 999 years to the Lake Erie & Western.
1895-1920 - NOH is not profitable.
1920 - ACY assumes control of NOH.
1933 - NOH enters receivership.
1944 - NOH merges into ACY

ACY map
Akron Canton & Youngstown - Northern Ohio Railways - 1931

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