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Appalachicola Northern Railroad

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The Appalachicola Northern Railroad (AN) was a short line railroad operating between Port St. Joe, Florida and a connection with the Atlantic Coast Line at Chattahoochee, Florida, with a short spur to Apalachicola, Florida. The railroad operated approximately 96 miles of track. The railroad's largest customer, the St. Joe Paper Company mill in Port St. Joe, was owned by the DuPont trust from 1936 to 1996. The major product hauled by the railroad was paper products and wood products.(wik) In the early thirties the AN operated two passenger trains a day each way between Pt. St. Joe and Chattahoochee, Florida, 96 miles, where the trains continued on a branch of the Atlantic Coast Line (now CSX) to Climax, Georgia, where an ACL connection could be made to Montgomer, Alabama or to the east to the Atlantic Coast Line. By the ear;y 40's only one diesel powered motor train remained and by the early 50's passenger service was discontinued. The AN was controlled by the St. Joe Paper Company from 1940 to 1996, then by the St. Joe Company. In 2002 it was sold to Rail Management Corporation, and it's name changed to AN Railroad. It was sold to Genesee and Wyoming in 2005 and in 2007 was still operating.
History of the Appalachicola Northern Railroad (AN)
1903 - The Apalachicola Northern Railroad was chartered on April 7, 1903.
1905 - Construction began on March 21. 1905.
1907 - Trains began running north from Apalachicola in 1907.
1907 - In July the AN went into receivership.
1908 - AN back out of receivership in October.
1910 - The extension to Port St. Joe was completed on May 10, 1910.
1914 - In May th AN is back in receivership.
1916 - In February the AN emerges from receivership a second time.
1931 - AN operates two passenger trains per day each way from Port St. Joe to Chattahoochee, Florida and on to Climax, Georgia on the ACL.
Appalachicola Northern
Appalachicola Northern
Employee Timetable
April 2, 1973
1932 - AN bankrupt again.
1933 - Dupont takes ownership of AN and Port St. Joe town.
1936 - AN reorganized for 3rd time.
1940 - AN control transferred to St. Joe Paper Company.
1943-1950 - Service Port St. Joe to Climax down to one train per day.
1955 - AN passenger service has been discontinued.
1996 - St. Joe Paper Company sold and AN ownership goes to St. Joe Company.
2002 - Rail Management Corporation bought the line from the St. Joe Company on September 1, 2002. It was renamed the AN Railway at that time.
2005 - On May 26, 2005, it was announced that all assets of Rail Management Corporation were being acquired by Genesee and Wyoming Inc with an effective date of June 1, 2005. The AN Railway was included in this purchase.
2007 - As of 2007, the railroad continues operations as part of Genessee and Wyoming's Southern Region.

AN map
Appalachicola Northern - 1931

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