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Alabama Tennessee & Northern Railroad

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AT&N logo The Alabama Tennessee & Northern Railroad (AT&N) was a short line railroad in the state of Alabama. It operated north from Mobile to York, Carrolton and Reform, Alabama; 220 miles. It was chartered in1897 to link the city of Carrollton, Alabama with the Mobile & Ohio Railroad at Reform, Alabama Through mergers, acquisitions and the building of track, the railroad eventually reached the port of Mobile by about 1920., In the 1930's the AT&N was running a daily passenger train between Mobile and Reform, This service lasted into the 40's before the Frisco toook over. In 1948, the AT&N was purchased by the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (the "Frisco"), who operated it as a separate entity until 1971, when it was absorbed into the parent company. The Frisco was merged into the Burlington-Northern in 1980. The AT&N is now abandoned.

History of the Alabama Tennessee & Northern Railroad
I897 - The Mobile & Ohio Railroad chose to route through Pickens County, Alabama by way of Reform, Alabama rather than the county seat of Carrollton, since the Reform route would be faster.
1897 - Having failed in their appeal to the M&O, leading citizens of Carrollton set up a corporation to connect their city with the M&O; this was chartered by the State of Alabama as the Carrollton Short Line Railway in June 1897. John Taylor Cochrane, who had constructed the Tuscaloosa Belt Line, began building this new railroad.
1897-1930 - Through mergers, acquisitions and the building of track, the railroad eventually reached the port of Mobile,
1906 - CSL changed name to Alabama Tennessee and Northern (AT&N) and had completed a line from Reform, Alabama, north of Carrolton, through Carrolton and south to Aliceville; 21 miles.
1920 - AT&N reaches Calvert, 180 miles south of Reform.
post 1920 - At7N completed to Mobile, 220 miles.
1931 - The AT&N is operating one passenger train a day between Mobile, and Reform, Alabama.
1940's The AT&N operated their passenger train between Mobile and Reform into the 40's but the service had been discontinued by 1950 after the Frisco took over,
1948 - The AT&N is purchased by the St, Louis -San Francisco Railway (Frisco), but is operated as a separate entity.
1950 - The AT&N is freight only.
1971 - The Frisco merges the AT&N and it loses its separate identity.
1980 - The Burlington-Northern absorbs the Frisco.
Current - AT&N is abandoned.

Alabama Tennessee & Northern
August 14, 1931
Alabama Tennessee
& Northern - 1931

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