Alaska & Canada Railroads, 1930's - 1940's Vintage
Algoma Central & Hudson Bay
British Columbia Electric
Copper River & Northwestern
Dominion Atlantic
Esquimalt and Nanaimo
Grand River
Lake Erie & Northern

Montreal & Southern Counties
Northern Alberta
Ontario Northland (1946)
Pacific Great Eastern
Quebec Central
Temiskaming & Northern Ontario
Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo
White Pass & Yukon

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The Alaska/Canada group of regional railroads excludes the major Canadian roads the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific since these roads connected to the Chicago Hub railroads. The regionals had more local purposes. There were three regionals that existed in Alaska. The Alaska was built primarily to serve a growing new land that had no other simple means of transportation for the growing economy. The Copper River and Northwestern was the successful one of several attempted routes to serve the Kennecott copper mines in southeastern mainland of Alaska to a Pacific Ocean port. The third Alaskan railroad the White Pass and Yuon built from Skagway, Alaska through British Columbia to Whitehorse, Yukon to serve the gold rush. It proved to be too late for the fading gold rush and resorted to the transport of other minerals, until finally being reduced to a tourist line. Canadian regiona;s that grew to serve the growing northjern regions, were in many cases supported by provincial governments; Northern Alberta, and Temiskaming and Northern Ontario are examples. The Dominion Atlantic was an interesting road that combined steamship and ferry boat services to and from Nova Scotia, and also was a big apple hauler. Another interesting Canadian regional was the Pacific Great Eastern which was known as the railroad from "No where to no where" since it passed through no major cities nor interchanged with any other railroad,
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The private timetable collection of Richard R.Parks
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia- (web)
The Official Guide of the Railways-Various dates

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