Anderson Furnace, Venango County, Pennsylvania
aka Phipps Furnace

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Anderson (aka Phipps) - is along the east bank of Scrubgrass Creek in Clinton Township. Phipps Mills stood on Big Scrubgrass Creek, a mile above Kennerdell and was an active place for a quarter of a century. In 1824 John Anderson built the first furnace in the township at this location. He came from Juniata County and was an experienced ironmaster. Ore was obtained from the surrounding hills and the neighboring forests furnished the charcoal. In 1835 Anderson sold the property to David Phipps, who carried on the operation of the furnace for several more years. He manufactured iron for the Pittsburgh market and stoves, pots, pans and kettles for the local market(s&t). In 1837 Phipps and Clapp were the owners and had 20 hands working(pbd). Phipps banked the furnace in 1847-1848. In 1837 fire burned the furnace buildings, bellows, etc. Only the water wheel and the stack survived(s&t). Phipps also operated woolen mills and a flour, saw and oil mill at the old town of Kennerdell. At that time the town was known as Phipps Mills and the operations were water powered. Later the Kennerdell family, for whom the town was eventually named, took over, changed the mills to steam power, and made the woolen material for the uniforms of the Venango Grays, the county's first Civil War volunteer unit(evc). The stack is in poor condition but readily visible, and portions of the old burned out buildings are visible, especially a tall chimney of the ironmaster's house(tnh)(rp-dd-2004)).( P)(V)(rp-1977-2004,is/dd-2004).
We show three routes to Anderson Furnace:
(1) The route we took in 2004. Go south on PA308 thru Bullion to Kennerdell Road. Turn left and proceed between 1.5 and 2 miles to a road to the right 41 14.156'N - 79 52.371'W (4 wheel drive recommended).Follow this road down to near the creek where it meets an old lease road paralleling the creek. Park here. 41 13.769'N - 79 51.706'W. Walk upstream to the furnace along this old road.
GPS Coordinates 41 13.756'N - 79 51.775'W(rp, is, dd 2004) (This route was selected in 2004 because the bridge over Scrubgrass Creek was closed. It has benn replaced and now #2 may be an easier route[bf])
(2) From Kennerdell, on the Allegheny River, drive across the bridge on SR3008, continue 2.3 miles from the bridge to the junction with SR3005. Turn left onto SR3005 cross Scrubgrass Creek. Proceed 0.2 miles to a left curve. At this point Phipps Road (T380)(a dirt road) bears off to the right. Take Phipps Road right 0.6 miles to a bridge. Park here before crossing the bridge. You will see a stone cottage on the right. Proceed thru the yard of this cottage and down to a foot bridge across a small run. Cross this bridge and go upstream to a new suspension bridge crossing Scrubgrass Creek. On the way you will pass the old suspension bridge which is broken down. Cross this new bridge 41 13.748'N - 79 51.802'W and turn right. Proceed on an old lease road downstream to the furnace a distance of about 0.13 miles.
GPS Coordinates 41 13.756'N - 79 51.775'W(rp 2004)

(3) A variation of #2, and preferred, is to park beyond the far end of the bridge on Phipps Road opposite a driveway on the right. (You my have to take the detour described in route 2 above).Walk up the driveway, bear right across an abandoned sawmill property and down the hill. Go upstream to the suspension bridge across Scrubgrass Creek at 41 13.748'N - 79 51.802'W. Then proceed as above.

Looking west acroo old walking bridge leading across Scrubgrass Creek downstream from Anderson Furnace - November 1977. This brideg is no longer there.

Anderson Furmnce opening facing Scrubgrass Creek - November 1977

Anderson Furnace - November 1977

. Amderson Furnace- November 1977

New walking bridge acroos Scrubgrass Creek upstream from Anderson Furnace - October 2004

Anderson Furnace - October 2004. Note much deterioration and encroachment of hillsdide in 27 years.

Anderson Furnace - October 2004

. Anderson Furnace - October 2004

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Ian Straffin, Meadville, PA
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