Baldwin Furnace, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

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Baldwin - Is on Baldwin Creek in State game lands 42 in St. Clair Township. It was built in 1819 by James Stewart and Henry Baldwin, and it was in blast only a short time(s&t). It was a cold blast charcoal furnace(jm). It is remarkably well preserved being so close to a road. Being on State Game lands the game wardens keep the brush cut on and around the furnace. It has two openings and three setbacks. A portion of two of the upper walls are beginning to collapse and the top of the stack is missing, but the stack is in otherwise fair condition. Slag abounds. (P)(V)(rp 1978, jm-2003, rp-2004).
To find Baldwin go to New Florence on PA711. East of the borough line, east of town, turn south on SR1003 (Boswell Road) for about 0.64 miles then bear left on T899 (Furnace Lane). Cross the creek and bear right on T962 This road passes by Laurel Hill Furnace at about 0.8 miles from PA711. Continue from Laurel Hill Furnace toward the State Game Lands 42 for about another 0.6 miles to the game lands parking lot. 40 21.559'N - 79 03.212'W. Park here. (No cars are allowed in the game lands). Walk on a dirt road that goes straight ahead from the parking lot. Bear right an up where the road splits right. After the second rise, and about 0.4 miles you will see a sign on the left pointing down to Baldwin Furnace which sits just below the road and to the right about 100 feet. Part of the upper stack is missing, and a portion of two walls are beginning to collapse, but it is in otherwise good condition.
GPS coordinates 40 21.889'N - 79 03.055'W. (rp-2004).

Sign on path pointing fown to Baldwin Furnace - October 2004

Baldwin Furnace - October 1978

Baldwin Furnace - October 1978

. Retaining wall for chartding bench
Baldwin Furnace - Octboer 2004

Baldwin Furnace Special Sources:
A Guide to the Old Stone Blast Furnaces of Western Pennsylvania, Myron B. Sharp and William H. Thomas (s&t)

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