Bedford Lime Kiln, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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Bedford Lime Kiln - On the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in Snake Spring Township. We found an old stone structure east of Bedford, as per Robert Hornbarger's directions. Recent information from Mike Reed reveals this to be a lime kiln. It was used to cook lime from the limestone that was quarried between it and the Juniata River. In 2006 the quarry was filled by the Route 30 project. The kiln has about 2/3 of its stone rows intact. It has a very different design, with a concave semicircular opening extending upward from the normal tuyere area to the top of the furnace. This would support the revelation that this is a lime kiln. (P)(V)(rp-2005).
Go east from Bedford on US30 and about a mile beyond the Interstate underpass near the top of the hill. Below the Altoona Bank and near the northeast corner of the Construction Supply Center parking lot you will notice two old buildings and several pine trees. The furnace is between the buildings and the pine trees. Much new construction has taken place in this area and we saw no slag.
GPS coordinates 40 01.530'N - 78 27.083'W

Two views of the Bedford Lime Kiln on Us 30 near Bedford, Pennsylvania
Bedford Lime Kiln Special Sources:
Robert Hoernbarger, Clearville, PA
Mike Reed, Bedford, PAA
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