Bens Creek Furnace, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

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Bens Creek - is on Bens Creek in Upper Yoder Township. Built in 1846 by George S. King and Company, this was a hot blast charcoal furnace, which is remembered with the Mill Creek furnace as the Cambria Iron Company facilities(s&t). (P)(V)(is,km,rp-2005)
Go south from Johnstown on PA403 to the intersection with PA985 in Ferndale. Turn left on PA403 and then right into the parking lot of the Family Dollar Store and Ben's Creek pharmacy. Park at the far right corner of the lot next to a small red brick building and next to the woods and heavy underbrush. (40 17.109'N - 78 55.895'W) Walk into the woods about 30 feet to a path leading up to the hillside. where you will find a pile of rubble and stones at the probable furnace location. There is evidence of a mill race, and much slag and furnace stones scattered about. The mill race probably leads to Ben's Creek which is across the border in nearby Somerset County.
GPS coordinates 40 17.113'N - 78 55.938'W.(is,km,rp-2005)

Map showing location of Bens Creek

Site of Bens Creek Furnace - 2004

What appears to be a small
salamader at Bens Creek sire

Slag from Bens Creek site
Karl Mouck, RJ Parks, Ian Straffin,

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