Bloomfield Furnace, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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Bloomfield - is along Halter Creek in Bloomfield Township. According to the 1884 history of Bedford County(bsf), Elizabeth furnace was torn down about 1847 and rebuilt at Bloomfield near the Bedford-Blair county line. It was owned by Dr. P. Schoenberger until 1851 when by his will it was passed to the Duncan heirs. In 1884 it had not been in operation for several years(bsf), and could have by that time been moved to Rodman in Blair county where it became the "Middle Maria" furnace. Bloomfield production was about 50 tons per week. There are large slag piles which attest to its success. All that remained of the furnace was a pile of stones (s&t)(P)(V)(rp,ph-2004). The owner of the property says there are now no remains.
Follow PA36 south from Hollidaysburg to Roaring Springs, and turn right onto PA867 (Bloomfield Road). N40 20.525' W078 24.180' (This may be different if approaching from the east) Follow this road for 3.2 miles to Sproul Mountain Road (SR1042) to the right. N40 17.128' W078 25.036' About 0.2 miles down this road is a red brick house on the right. On an adjacent barn (was) a faint sign reading "Bloomfield Furnace Farm". Park here, N40 17.134' W078 25.307' . The fields in back of the house to the wooded area along the creek where the furnace ruins are is bounded by barbed wire and is a llama farm. You will need to contact the owner before proceeding. (814-224-2626). We were escorted by the owner across the llama field to the open field beyond and to the north. Where the field rises gently to a small crown and you approach the woods, the furnace remains were within the woods at this point.
GPS coordinates 40 17.252'N - 78 25.275''W. (rp,ph 2004)
Much slag abounds in piles to the right of the furnace location and in the woods and underbrush. "This was originally a charcoal furnace but changed over to coke" (s&t). To the northwest of the barn and on a small hillside was the furnace mansion house with foundation location easily discernable. Also other remains abound, including the furnace vehicle storage area and the old barn with some of the original timbers and stones. This was the horse barn for the furnace.

Bloomfield Furnace Farm - 2004

Bloo,field Furnace site beyonfd fence and in woods near creek

Slag Dump at Bloomfield Furnace - 2004

Ruins of Bloomfield Furnace Carriage house on hill to left of furnace site

The carriage barn for Bloomfield Furnace
still has original timbers

Another view of Carriage barn interior - 2004

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