Buchanan Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

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Buchanan - is on Clarion Run in Licking Township. It was built in 1844 by Plummer, Creasy(jac) & Co. Another account states it was built by Christian Myers(jm) Height 30', 8' or 9' bosh cold blast charcoal furnace with one tuyere. Average production was 1200 tons. In 1856 production was 2000 tons. Owners were S. F. Plummer of Kittanning, Arnold Plummer of Franklin and F. G. Crary(ajd) of Kittanning. Crary(Creary) became sole owner in 1857. Abandoned 1858 because timber was exhausted.(unk). The stack is well preserved. (P)(V)(rp-1977, jm-2003, rp,ph-2004).
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Go north from Callensburg on PA58. About 500 feet after crossing the Clarion River, turn left into a private lane. 41 07.845'N - 79 33.362'W (Get permission from the owner). Go about 500 feet on this lane and you will come to a roped off area on the right called Sleepy Hollow. 41 07.901'N - 79 33.469'W. Park here. Walk up the open glade area to the northeast, and right, up to the furnace, about 100 yards.
GPS Coordinates 41 07.947'N - 79 33.468'W (p)(v)(rrp 2004).
The best preserved original furnace in Clarion County.

Buchanan Furnace - November 1977

Buchanan Furnace - Novemer 1977

Buchanan Furnace
October 2004

Buchanan Furnace - October 2004

Buchanan Furnace inner bosh
October 2004

. Buchanan Furnace opening
October 2004

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