Buffalo Furnaces, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

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Buffalo - There were two furnaces at this site on Buffalo Creek in West Franklin Township. The first, a hot blast charcoal furnace with 9 foot bosh and 45 ton capacity, was built in 1839 by P. Graff and Company. The second, also a hot blast charcoal furnace with 8 foot bosh built in 1846 was a better producer. Both went out of blast in 1864(s&t). Only depressions in the ground remain. All the stones have been removed.(P)(V)(rp-2004).
Follow US422 west from Kittanning to Worthington. In Worthington turn right to the old highway (now SR4010) about 100 yards north. Turn west (parallel to the new highway) and proceed on SR4010 to the foot of the hill at the west end of town. Just before reaching the bridge over Buffalo Creek turn left (south) on a road just beyond a white house with a wooden two car garage. Proceed on this road past a row of houses on the right and left (about 1/4 mile). This road will go underneath US422. Park near the last house and garage on the left. Seek permission to cross their back yard. Go diagonally across the back yard about 60 yards toward the creek and hillside to large depressions in the ground filled with stones and rubble. We believe this was the location of Buffalo Furnaces.
GPS coordinates 40 50.265'N - 79 38.814'W.(rp-2004)

Rubble at Buffalo Furnaces Site

Buffalo Furnace Site #1

Buffalo Furnace #2 site

Buffalo Furnace #2 site

Buffalo Furnaces Special Sources:
A Guide to the Old Stone Blast Furnaces of Western Pennsylvania, Myron B. Sharp and William H. Thomas (s&t)

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