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Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad

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C&LE trolley
The Cincinnati and Lake Erie Railroad (C&LE) was a short-lived electric interurban line that operated between Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, and Toledo, Ohio between 1930 and 1940. Most of the route between Cincinnati and Toledo followed the old towpath of the Miami and Erie Canal with the line to Columbus branching off from Springfield, Ohio. The line served the aforementioned locations as well as Dayton, Ohio, Hamilton, Ohio, Middletown, Ohio, Lima, Ohio and numerous smaller towns in western Ohio. The C&LE was a January 1930 consolidation of other failed electric lines in Ohio, including the Ohio Electric Railway, at one time the largest traction company in Ohio. In the early 30's the line connected to the Eastern Michigan Traction Company to run through trains to Detroit, Michigan. The newer cars were built for high speed operation and were quite well appointed. Limited "name" trains such as the Shawnee, the Oliver Parry and the Meteor, ran between Cincinnati and Detroit, and other "names" on the Cincinnati to C&LE 1931
Cincinnati & Lake Erie
February 22, 1931
Columbus runs. By 1932 the Detroit connection on the EM had been abandoned, and the C&LE fell into decline with line abandonment's and service terminations ending the interurban service by 1939.

History of the Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad
1897 - Cincinnati & Miami Valley Traction Company opens traction line from Hamilton to Dayton, Ohio 36 miles,
1898 - Cincinnati and Hamilton Electric Traction Railway opens Cincinnati to Hamilton; 14 miles.
1900 - Southern Ohio Traction Company formed from C&H and C&MV.
1902 - The SO and two street railways form the Cincinnati Dayton & Toledo Traction Company.
1905 - Cincinnati Northern Traction Company leases CD&T line from Cincinnati to Dayton.
1906 - The Indiana Columbus & Eastern is formed.
1906-7 - The Ohio Electric Railway, the largest traction company in Ohio, leases the IC&E, and two other traction companies, The Lima and Toledo and the Fort Wayne Van Wert and Lima.
1907 - OE assume lease of CD&T on May 16.
1907-18 - OE is in financial troubles.
1918 - OE turns over Cincinnati to Dayton line to a new Cincinnati & Dayton Traction Company on April 26.
1920 - OE turns Dayton and Western back to original owners.
1921 - OE is in receivership in January.
1921 - IC&E, L&T and FWVW&L also in bankruptcy.
1926 - The C&D fails and is reorganized as the Cincinnati Hamilton & Dayton Railway.
1930 - CH&D, IC&E and L&T reorganized as the Cincinnati & Lake Erie on January 1, 1930.
1930 - C&LE now has a continuous line from Cincinnati to Toledo, 216 miles, with a 44.5 mile branch from Springfield to Columbus, Ohio. It connects with the Eastern Michigan at Toledo for through service to Detroit.
c 1930 - C&LE upgrades line, purchases new high speed cars, and improves freight service.
1931-36 - C&LE operates the Dayton & Western.
1932 - Eastern Michigan closes down breaking C&LE connection to Detroit.
1932 - Retrenchment begins and C&LE is in receivership.
1937 - Springfield to Toledo line abandoned on November 19.
1939 - All interurban runs discontinued on May 1.
1941 - Last of Dayton Street Railways end service.

Cincinnati & Lake Erie - 1931

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