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Charleston & Western Carolina Railway

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C&WC logo The Charleston & Western Carolina Railway was a southeastern regional railroad connection the cities of Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson, South Carolina, and Augusta, Georgia with the Atlantic costal cities of Port Royal and Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia.(rp) In 1894, the South Carolina legislature forced the C&WC
Charleston &
Western Carolina
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December 13, 1951
financially ailing Central of Georgia to give up its railroad properties in that state. These were the Port Royal & Augusta Railway, which ran from the South Carolina coast to Augusta, and the Port Royal & Western Carolina Railway, which linked Augusta with Greenville and several other towns in the South Carolina piedmont.
The Central had gained control of the PR&A in 1881, primarily to prevent it from capturing freight traffic that otherwise might go via Central rails to Savannah. To further feed traffic to Savannah, the Central helped construct the PR&WC and soon gained control over it too.
Only about 14 miles of the two railways were in Georgia, but Georgia was seeing most of the benefit, according to South Carolina. After the Central was pushed out, the Charleston & Western Carolina was organized, in 1896, to operate the lines.
The Atlantic Coast Line gained control of the C&WC in the following year. It was not, however, until 1959 that the smaller road was merged into the ACL(ss). The early 30's saw a good bit of passenger rail on the C&WC including two daily coach trains between Anderson and McCormick, and between Greenville and Laurens. A train ran between Spartanburg and Augusta, and between Augusta and Port Royal. By 1952 the Augusta to Port Royal passenger service still remained but the Augusta to Spartanburg main line was freight only. By 1955 only freight service remained on the C&WC.(rp)
History of the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway

1856 - The Port Royal Railroad was chartered.
1873 - The PRRR was completed from Port Royal, on the South Carolina Coast, to Augusta.
post 1873 - PRRR came under the control of the Georgia Railroad, which had guaranteed its bonds and later acquired much of its stock.
1877 - The Augusta and Knoxville Railroad (A&N) was chartered,
1878 - PRRR sold and renamed the Port Royal and Augusta Railway (PR&A).
1881 - The Central of Georgia gained control of the PR&A, largely to keep it out of the hands of any competitor who might use it to threaten the Central's lines in Georgia and its seaport interests at Savannah.
1882 - A&N opened a line, 66 miles, between Augusta, Georgia and Greenwood, South Carolina.
1886-88 - The 225-mile Port Royal & Western Carolina Railway (PR&WC) was created by the merger of the Augusta & Knoxville Railroad, the Savannah Valley Railroad (Anderson to McCormick), the Greenville & Laurens Railroad, and the Greenwood, Laurens & Spartanburg Railroad. The Savannah Valley was a 28-mile rail line from Egypt, then on the Central of Georgia main line in Effingham County, north through Sylvania to Millhaven. The PR&WC was controlled by the Central of Georgia, which had financed the constituent lines.
1888-1894 - The PR&WC connected with the Port Royal & Augusta at Augusta.
cir 1894 - South Carolina forced the Central to give up the PR&A and the PR&WC, along with its other holdings in that state
1896 - PR&A and PR&WC were subsequently reorganized as the Charleston and Western Carolina Railway (C&WC).
1897 - The Atlantic Coast Line gained control of the C&WC but C&WC retains its separate identity.
1931 - Passenger rail service from Spartanburg to Port Royal, South Carolina main line, through Augusta, Georgia and on the Anderson and Greenville branches is operating.
1952 - Main line passenger service limited to one train between Augusta and Port Royal. All Spartanburg and branch line passenger service discontinued.
1955 - C&WC offers freight service only.
1959 - C&WC merged into the ACL.
1967 - ACL merges with SAL to become Seaboard Coast line (SCL).
1980 - CSX Corporation formed by merger of Chessie System and SCL.
1986 - CSX Transportation formed as a rename of the Seaboard System which had absorbed the ACL, SAL, L&N and several smaller subsidiaries.

C&WC map
Charleston & Western Carolina - 1931

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