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Litchfield & Madison Railway

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The Chicago Springfield & St. Louis Railway (CS&SL) the Jacksonville & Havana Railroad (J&H), and the Litchfield & Madison Railway (L&M) were small roads in Illinois. The CS&SL and J&H operated under the same management and were portions of the Chicago Peoria & St. Louis Railway (CP&S) that were sold after the CP&SL went bancrupt in 1924. The L&M was also an 1890 spin off from the CP&SL so is included here. The CS&SL line ran from Springfield southwest to Lockhaven, 80 miles, with connrctions to St. Louis 117 miles. In the early 30's the CS&SL ran a daily passenger train berween Springfield and St. Louis which was down to a motor car by 1940 before the CS&SL was abandoned. . The J&H ran two trains a day between Jacksonville and Havana 32 miles, but the J&H was abandoned during the 30's. The L&M was a more fortunate survivor, sold off by CP&SL in 1900, it turned out to have a long and successsful life as a bridgs line into the St. Louis area for Illinois Central passenger trains well into the 50's before being acquired by the C&NW in 1958 and becoming a part of UP in 1995.
Genealogy of the
Chicago Springfield & St. Louis Railway

the Jacksonville & Havana Railroad
and the Litchfield & Madison Railway

Chicago Peoria & Springfield Railroad

1853 - The Illinois River Railroad, chartered to build a line from Jacksonville north-northeasterly to La Salle through the valley of the Illinois River.
1859 - IRR was opened from Virginia to Pekin.
1864 -The IRR was sold at foreclosure to the Peoria, Pekin and Jacksonville Railroad, which had been incorporated in June 1863.
1868 - In May the PP&J bought a line from Pekin to Peoria from the Peoria and Hannibal Railroad.
1869 - The road was extended southwest to the Toledo, Wabash and Western Railway (Wabash) at Jacksonville.
1869 - A second line was chartered in March 1869 as the Springfield and Northwestern Railroad, to build from Springfield north-northwesterly to Rock Island.
1874 - S&NW was completed in December from Springfield to Havana, where trains connected too reach Peoria.

Chicago Springfield & St. Louis - January 1931

Jacksonville & Havana - January 1931

Litchfield & Madison - April -1930
1878 - The S&NW Railroad was reorganized as the Springfield and Northwestern Railway.
1880 - The, so called, " Bluff Line" began as the St. Louis, Jerseyville and Springfield Railroad, incorporated in November 1880 to build from Springfield to the Mississippi River near Grafton.
1888 - Lines north to Pekin from Springfield and Jacksonville sold to a new line the Chicago Peoria & St. Louis Railway (CP&SL).
1890 - CP&SL is now a subsidiary of the Jacksonville Southeastern Railway which is reorganized as the Jacksonville, Louisville and St. Louis Railway). The latter company, with a main line from Jacksonville southeast to Centralia via Litchfield, soon assembled a system.
1890 - The "Jacksonville Southeastern Line" - leased the St. Louis and Chicago Railway (Springfield to Litchfield) in September 1890, and built,, as a part of the Chicago, Peoria, and St. Louis, a line from Litchfield southwest to Madison (near East St. Louis). As a result, they were able to provide Pullman car service, Chicago to St. Louis by connecting to the Santa Fe to Chicago.
1892 - SLJ&S completed the Bluff Line from Bates, on the Wabash west of Springfield, through Jerseyville to Dow, where it descended the Mississippi River's bluffs to Elsah and followed the shoreline to Grafton.
1892 - A reorganization in September 1892, created the St. Louis, Chicago and St. Paul Railroad.
1894 - SLC&SP built a direct entrance to Springfield from Loami (south of Bates), as well as an extension from Alton to Granite City.
1897 - The SLC&SP was reorganized yet again in October 1897, forming the St. Louis, Chicago and St. Paul Railway of Illinois.
1900 - In March the Bluff Line was merged into the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Railway of Illinois, a reorganization of the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Railroad of Illinois, and at the same time the Litchfield-Madison line was split off as a new Litchfield and Madison Railway, which the CP&StL continued to operate under lease.
1904 - The L&M lease is discontinued. The consolidated CP&S with a main line from Pekin to Granite City/Madison, and branches to Jacksonville and Grafton, continued to have financial problems.
1909 -The final company to bear the name, the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Railroad (CP&SL), was incorporated in December 1909.
1913 - CP& SL took over the property of the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Railway of Illinois in January 1913.
1924-30 - The CP&SL is sold by portions.
The Chicago Springfield & St, Louis, Jacksonville & Havana, and Litchfield & Madison
The line from Springfield to Lockhaven is reorganized as the Chicago Springfield & St. Louis Railway, and the line from Havana to Jacksonville becomes the Jacksonville & Havana Railroad. The CS&SL and J&H are under common management.
1931 - The CS&SL is running one passenger train between Springfield and St. Louis, using trackage rights from Lockhaven, and the J&H is running rwo passenger trains between Havana and Jacksonville. Connections to the CS&SL at Waverly is freight only.
1931 - The L&M is handling four passenger trains per day as a bridge line for the IC and has good connections with CB&Q, Southern, and also, the C&NW through a stub line to Benld. The IC trains will run into the 50's.
1930's The J&H is abandoned.
1940 - The CS&SL Springfield - St. Louis run is now by motor car.
early 1940's - The CS&SL is abandoned except for a 6 mile stretch at Springfield operated as the Springfield & Southeastern. A small portion near St. Louis is mow part of Norfolk Southern.
1958 - The Litchfield & Madison is acquired by the C&NW.
1995 - C&NW is merged into the UP.

Chicago Springfield & St. Louis
Jacksonville & Havana - 1931

Litchfield & Madison - - 1930

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