Coolspring Furnace, Fayette, County, Pennsylvania

Coolspring - Constructed about 1820, or perhaps earlier, by Thomas McKean, Coolspring is along Coolspring Run in North Union Township. About 1855 F.H. Oliphant bought it and it operated until 1860 when water supply became uncertain. Only a part of the inner stack and lining remain. The cut stone of the exterior was used in the reservoir dam which was built a few hundred yards below the furnace. (P)(V)(rp,ph-2004)
Go east from East Uniontown from the junction of Connellsville Road and Coolspring Road on Coolspring Road. This becomes SR2021. Follow for about 3.3 miles through Coolspring. East of the village where the road starts up the mountain a hard road goes to the right 39 54.086'N - 79 39.489'W. Park here. There are two ways to reach Coolspring furnace from this point.
(1) Walk upstream along the left bank of the creek keeping a high line just below the steep hillside. This is a strenuous hike (2004) due to extensive logging in the area with many fallen trees and heavy branches in the way. In about a 1/4 to 3/8 of a mile you will see the remains of the stack below the hillside and several hundred feet from the creek.
(2) Walk up the hard road which bears right to a paved storage lot with what appeared to be large asphalt piles 39 53.973'N - 79 39.325'W. Climb the bank to the right toward the creek, look to your left and you will see the stack about 100 yards away and slightly downhill. A good part of the inner lining is visible with portions of the inner stack about 20 feet high. A stone lined millrace and wheel pit are visible and much slag abounds.
GPS coordinates 39 53.929'N - 79 39.341'W. (rp-2004).
As s&t stated, the cut stone of the exterior was used in the reservoir dam which was built a few hundred yards below the furnace. We also observed this site along the first route described above.

Coolspring Furnace - January 2002 (rb)

Approaching Coolspring Furnace from north looking south - October 2004

Coolspring Furnace - October 2004

Inner lining Coolspring Furnace
October 2004

Richard Parks at top of Coolspring Furnaace - October 2004

. View at top of Coolspring showing outer stone on left and inner liner on rioght

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