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The Detroit and Mackinac Railway (D&M), informally known as the "Turtle Line", was a railroad operating in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Michigan. The main line stretched from the southern hub at Bay City, to its northern hub at Cheboygan. It operated from 1894 to 1992. The D&M's earliest predecessors were the Bay City and Alpena (1882) which built a line from Bay City north to Alpena, Michigan 124 miles, , and the Alpena and Northern, a short line north from Alpena to LaRoqcue, 38 miles. Then the D&M extended the line north to Cheboygan, at the Straits of Mackinac, a total of about 197 miles.
The primary product of the D&M was timber from the vast northeast Michigan forests and the D&M built spurs and branch lines to serve the forested areas.
The D&M mainline from Bay City to Alpena offered sleeping car, and meal services between Detroit and Alpena in the 1930's, , the Michigan Central hosting the trains between Detroit and Bay City. By the 40's the meal services had disappeared and by 1950 the sleepers and Detroit connections were gone. By 1955 the D&M was all freight. On the main from Alpena to Cheboygan, a single motor train lasted until sometime in the 40's. Two branch lines maintained passenger service into the 30's,, one into the40's and by 1950 the branches were also freight only.
As the availability of forest products became scarce and economic conditions deteriorated the D&M sold itself to thee Lake States Railway Company in 1992.
History of the Detroit and Mackinac Railway

1882 - This Detroit and Mackinac Railway began in 1882 as the Bay City and Alpena Railroad,
1883 - BC&A was renamed as the Detroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad in 1883.(hs)
1893 - The Alpena and Northern Railroad was incorporated on July 28, 1893, with the intention of building a 85-mile line from Alpena to Mackinaw City, on the south shore of the Straits of Mackinac.
1893 - On November 18 the A&N opened a line from Alpena to LaRocque (now Hawks); about 38 miles.
1894 - The DBC&A Railroad, operated from Bay City northward to the Lake Huron port of Alpena, 124 miles, was reorganized into the Detroit and Mackinac (D&M) on December 17, 1894.
1895 - On April 16, 1895, the A&N was bought by the D&M and ceased to exist as an independent company.
1896-1910 - The timber resources of northeastern Michigan were fully utilized and the D & M expanded its trackage northward from Alpena to Cheboygan. The line prospered, and even built a stone passenger depot in Harrisville. The D&M also built many spur lines into tracks of adjacent timberland. One spur, in service for many years, served the limestone quarries of Rogers City.
1976 - In March, 1976, the D&M purchased segments of the Penn Central Railroad, from Bay City to Kawkawlin, and from Sallings (south of Gaylord) to Mackinaw City. The portion of the line from Kawkawlin to Sallings was purchased by the State of Michigan and operated by the D&M.
1992 - Adverse economic conditions continued to affect railroad operations in the northeastern United States. The Detroit & Mackinac sold itself to the Lake State Railway Company in 1992, and ended its existence as an independent railroad..

Detroit and Mackinac Branch Lines - September 1930

Detroit and Mackinac
September 1930

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Detroit and Mackinac

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