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Durham & Southern Railway

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D&S logo The Durham & Southern Railway (D&S) operated 59 miles of track extending southward from Durham to Dunn, NC, D&S
Durham & Southern
Employee Timetable
October 13. 1946
where it connects with the old Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. An important junction with the Seaboard is at Apex. The road was built by the B.N. Duke tobacco interests as the Cape Fear & Northern Ry that was completed in 1904 as the D&S Railway. The purpose of the railroad was to haul lumber and logs. As the turpentine era ended much good long stem southern pine was available to harvest. Farming was becoming more important; growing cotton and tobacco took the place of sawmill work as that era came to a close. The demand for more tobacco is said to have been the impetus for Mr. Duke (of D&S fame) and his sons to establish the American Tobacco Company. The coming of the railroad was a boon to farmers, merchants and lumbermen. In 1931 two passenger trains a day, except Sunday ran between Durham and Dunn. By 1952 the D&S was freight only, and by 1979 the last train was said to have run. In 1981 the SCL bought the D&S, and later sold it to the Aberdeen and Rockfish
History of the Durham & Southern Railway
1892 - The Cape Fear & Northern Railroad (CF&N) was chartered by Holly Springs resident George Benton Alford.
1893 - Due to hard times construction could not be completed and charter is extended.
1895-96 - Charter extended again.
1898 - Durham businessmen get involved and B.N.Duke and John Angier elected pres. & vp/manager. First dirt is turned in Holly Springs on July 27, 1898.
1901 - Town of Angier incorporated along the line.
1902 - The Duke's diversified by starting the Erwin Cotton Mills Company at a site named Duke and later changed to Erwin.
1903 - Complete line was finished from Durham to Dunn in the summer of 1903.
1904 - Erwin Cotton Mills Company opened.
1805 - Town of Coats incorporated.
1906 - The line had been completed to Durham and the CF&N name was changed to the Durham and Southern Railway (D&S).
1906 - A new type of cloth was made at the mill in 1906 and eventually Erwin became known as "The Denim Capital of the World.".
1931 - The D&S and the Piedmont and Northern share management.
1931 - Two passenger trains each day except Sunday ran between Durham and Dunn, North Carolina on the D&S, a distance of 57 miles.
1952 - The D&S is a freight only railroad.
1879 - Last train runs from Apex to Dunn.
1981 - The D&S was acquired by Seaboard Coast Line, later CSX.
1987 - CSX sold the Dunn-Erwin segment to the Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad. The A&R chartered the Dunn-Erwin Railway and started service on December 17th that same year.
1990 - D&S was merged into the Aberdeen & Rockfish.
2000 - The Erwin mill closed and the Dunn-Erwin line was abandoned.
Current - The old D&S segment between Dunn and Erwin has now been converted into a 5.3 mile rail-trail.

D&S  map
Durham & Southern and Piedmont & Northern - 1931
Note that both railways shared the same map as well as common management

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