Elizabeth Furnace, Blair County, Pennsylvania

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Elizabeth - is along Sandy Run off the Little Juniata River in Pinecroft, Antis Township. It was built in 1832. It was owned at one time by Martin Bell and at another time by Edward Bell(s&t). Elizabeth was thought to be the first blast furnace in Pennsylvania to utilize its gases for steam. It did so in 1836. It had a height of 32 feet and a 9 foot bosh and with the same dimensions was blown in as a coke furnace in 1872(pearse). S&T found the furnace to be in excellent condition in the 1960's , but we found it to be only in fair condition in 2003.(V)(P)(rp-2003)

Elizabeth - 2003

Elizabeth - cir 2004 (ba)
We offer two alternative routes to this location
(1) From the junction of I99US220 and PA 482 NE of Altoona (Pinecroft Exit)
N40 33.699' W078 19.653'
Turn west onto PA482 toward Pinecroft. Continue past the junction with bus220 in a westerly direction to a "T" intersection with SR4019, Total distance about 1.2 miles.
N40 34.258' W078 20.850'
Turn left (south) onto SR4019 and proceed across the bridge over Sandy Run. Park in the small parking area to the left.
N 40 34.118' W078 20.863'
Walk into the heavy underbrush to the east upstream along Sandy Run, on a barely discernable path for about 125 to 150 yards and you will see the furnace to your right against the hillside, and about 100 feet from Sandy Run.
GPS Coordinates N 40 34.124' W078 20.776' (rp-2003)
(2) Start at the junction of PA36 and PA764 in Altoona.
N 40 30.099' W078 24.447'
Proceed north on PA764 for 1.9 miles. Where PA764 turns right
N 40 31.436' W078 23.204'
proceed straight ahead on SR 4019 for 3.9 miles to a bridge over Sandy Run. Do not cross but park in the small area east of the road before it crosses the bridge. This is the same parking area mentioned in option (1) above.

A Closer View - 2000 (ba)

Looking into bosh top - 2000 (ba)

Elizabeth Furnace Special Sources:
A Guide to the Old Stone Blast Furnaces of Western Pennsylvania, Myron B. Sharp and William H. Thomas (s&t)
bellwoodantis.net (ba)
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