Fairfield Furnace, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Fairfield - Is along Georges Creek in Georges Township in a section called White Rock Hollow. It was set up by John Hayden in 1792.(ps/s&t). It was bought by the Oliphant's in 1805(s&t). In 1822 John Oliphant was the listed owner, and also owned nearby Fairchance Furnace(dav). Fairfield was blown out in 1827(s&t) so did not survive to become a part of the larger Fairchance Furnace Company of later years. In 2003 only a small part of one wall is standing and a few furnace stones are scattered about. A newer gravel road paralleling the creek covers most of the site.(P)(V)(rp-1978, rp-2003, rp,ph-2004).
From the Hopwood exit off I40, Hopwood-Fairchance Road N 39 52.340' W079 41.966'. Going south th road becomes Mountain Road. Continue about 4.2 miles to Elm Street in Fairchance, just over a bridge over Georges Creek. N 39 49.568' W079 44.670' Turn left on Elm Street and go about 0.3 miles to a bridge over Georges Creek. Go over the bridge and park. N 39 49.478' - W079 44.311' Walk to the right across a foot bridge over the creek and the furnace ruins are to the right against the hillside.
GPS Coordinates N 39 49.471' W079 44.298'(rp-2003, rp,ph 20004)
Only a portion of one wall is standing, and furnace stones are scattered about. A newer gravel road in front of the site covers a good portion of the site.

Remains of Fairfield Furnace pushed back to make room for road - November 2003

Fairfield Furnace remains -November 2003
Note retaining wall left center

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