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FAYETTE COUNTY in Southwestern PENNSYLVANIA at one time had as many as twenty old Cut Stone Iron Furnaces. We have found and photographed 15 of them. The others have no remains visible. The Fayette list also includes a well preserved West Virginia iron furnace which is nearby. Of particular interest are Wharton and Mount Vernon, which are easy to find and have well defined mill races. Mount Vernon is in the process of being restored by the Bullskin Township Historical Society .Fayette is also easy to find and butts directly up to the creek. Coolspring has much of the inner brickwork exposed with only a few outer stones remaining. Alliance is a must see being the oldest furnace west of the Alleghenies. The most fun find is a hike up Dunbar Creek to Center Furnace, which has a great wheel pit and some out building remains. Isaac Meason's mansion in Dunbar is worth a visit. A great hike in "bear" territory will get you down to St. John's and a nice waterfall. New Laurel is a nice drive up the mountain and a very interesting site.

  Fayette Furnace
Fayette Furnace

Breakneck (aka Finley) - was built along Breakneck Creek in Bullskin Township by Miller, Rogers and Paull in 1818(S&T). It went out of blast about 1837 or 1838. A dam was built about 100 yards below the furnace and now the site is under water.
Follow SR1051 east approximately 3.2 miles from Pittsburgh Street in Connellsville, about 0.2 miles beyond the intersection with SR1019. You will see a dam on Breakneck Creek on the left. The furnace site is underwater about 100 yards above the dam. Coordinates 40 02.483'N - 79 32117'W . to top
Etna - Was along Trumps Run in Connellsville Township. It was built by Thomas and Joseph Gibson in 1815, and went out of blast in 1836 or 1840(s&t). The furnace site is now covered with 20 to 30 feet of fill (Sharp and Thomas).
The Etna site is one mile from Connellsville and 1/3 mile from the Youghiogheny River at the end of Etna Street, which runs parallel to Pittsburgh Street and one block west.
Coordinates- See city maps. to top
Pine Grove (aka Brownfield) - Was built about 1805 along a branch of Mountain Creek in Georges Township. It was owned in 1857 by Basil Brownfield. Nothing remains.
Follow the Mon-Fay Expressway (PA43) south from its junction with US119 in South Uniontown about 7.2 miles (or about 0.4 miles beyond a bridge over Mountain Creek. Turn left at this point (T518?) and proceed 1 mile to a fork in the road. Bear left at the fork (T518) and follow this road about 3/4 mile. The furnace site is to the left of the road about 150 feet before crossing the creek mentioned above. This area may have been strip mined and directions may not hold. Coordinates 39 45.833'N - 79 45.317'W.
Redstone (aka Huston) - Was constructed about 1797 along Lick Run, a branch of Redstone Creek in Uniontown Township. It was in operation fairly steadily until 1870. Joseph Huston was an early owner followed by his nephew Judge John Huston, then John Snyder. The Huston home still stood across the road from the furnace site. The land was stripped about 1940 and nothing remains except slag along the road and through the field(s&t).
Go east on US40 from Uniontown to Hopwood. Turn south on on SR3027, Hopwood-Fairchance Road about 0.4 mile. Turn right (west) on Redstone Furnace Road about 0.4 mile. A street (Furnace Road) comes in from the right, and John Huston's red brick house was (1965) on the left, opposite the end of this street. The furnace stood near the creek in a field to the north of the intersection and back of the houses along the creek. We did not visit this site. Approximate coordinates 39 52.589'N - 79 42.442'W. to top
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