Fayette Furnace, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
aka Buck's Run Furnace

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Fayette (aka Buck's Run) - - Is along Buck's Run in Springfield Township. Some discrepancies appear in the histories about this furnace. One account says it was built in 1815 by Freeman, Linton and Miller. Another account says it was built in 1827 by James Rogers and Associates. By 1832 its ownership had passed to John and George Rogers who "employed 40 to 50 hands" and "produced pigs and castings about 500 tons"(s&t/jm). This was a cold blast charcoal furnace(jm). The furnace was blown out about 1840(s&t). The stack was in good condition in the 1960's but when visited in 1981 we found the back half of the outer wall had fallen down exposing the bosh. In 2003 the furnace is still in fairly good condition.(P)(V)(rp-1978-2003)
From the junction of PA711 and PA391 in Normalville, N39 59.956' W079 26.886'. Go 0.2 miles south to PA653. N39 59.728' W079 26.779". Go east (left) on PA653 until you cross the bridge over Indian Creek. At the east end of the bridge is the junction with Pritts Road (SR1003). N39 59.624' W079 25.929'. Go left on Pritts Road (or T685?) one mile. When Pritts Road (SR1003) turns left and Rogers Road goes straight ahead. N39 59.508' W079 24.839'. continue straight ahead on Rogers Road about 0.3 miles to the creek. This is Buck's Run. Park here. N39 59.512' W079 24.477'. The furnace is about 100 feet to the right of the road and on the bank of the creek.
GPS Location N39 59.515' W079 24.400'(rp-2003)

Fayette Furnace
November 1978

Fayette Furnace Opening

Fayette Furnace
crumbling back side

Fayette Furnace Special Sources:
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Randy Biller, Scotytsdale, PA
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