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The Green Bay and Western Railway (GB&W) was and is a railroad that operated in the state of Wisconsin, with a main line from Green Bay west, 214 miles, to the Mississippi River opposite Winona, Minnesota. With shared trackage it crossed the Mississippi and arrived at Winona. The GB&W had sister railroads. under common management, the Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western Rialroad (KGB&W) to Kewaunee, and the Ahnapee and Western (A&W) to Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan. The GB&W also had branches off its main to Winona. During the 30's the GBW ran a daily passenger train between Green Bay and Winona with branch service to Waupaca, Iola and Stevens Point. The KGB&W and the A&W ran one or two seasonal trains from Green Bay to the Lake Michigan ports of Kewaunee (KGB&W) and Sturgeon Bay (A&W). By 1939 the main line to Winona offered a mixed train for passengers and the lake ports were served only by time or way freights. By 1943 the branch service on the Winona main was freight only. The system was all freight by 1948 except for limited mixed train service only.
Short History of the Green Bay and Western Railroad, Kewaunee, Green Bay and Western Railroad and Ahnapee and Western Railway
1871 - Green Bay and Lake Pepin Railway Co. began construction of a line from Green Bay, Wisconsin west toward the Mississippi River.
1873 - Line completed from the east terminal at Fort Howard (now part of Green Bay) to the Mississippi's edge at Eastmoor, opposite Winona, Minnesota. Name was changed to Green Bay and Mississippi Railway Company
1875 - Entry into Winona came through a trackage rights agreement with the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, over their line and bridge from the GB&M crossing at Marshland, two miles east of Eastmoor. A small depot and stub track was set up by the GB&M in downtown Winona.
1881-1891 - GB&M successor, the Green Bay Winona an St. Paul Railway Co. partnered with Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad to build a bridge into Winona themselves.
The Winona Bridge Railway Co. was owned 2/3 by the CB&Q and 1/3 by the GBW&SP. It completed a long iron truss bridge which featured a swing span in the navigation channel, thus allowing river traffic to pass by. WBR began in downtown Winona and ran down Second Street to the southeast edge of the city. There, it curved sharply and climbed a grade to rise above the flood levee along the river. Off the bridge, the track set foot on Wisconsin soil and connected with the CB&Q mainline from St. Paul to Chicago at a spot called Bluff Siding (later known as East Winona). The Eastmoor facility, which had burned down numerous times, was abandoned.
1882 - The Stevens Point & Northern Railway builds 5 mile line Plover to Stevens Point.
1891 - The Keauwee, Green Bay and Western Railroad completes a line from Green Bay 33 miles to Kewaunee on Lake Michigan.
1891 - The Ahnapee and Western Railway completes a line from Casco Jct., on the KGB&W, 32 miles to Sturgeon Bay.
1893 - The Iola Northern Railway builds a 4 mile line Scandsnava to Iola.



GB&W Green Bay
Green Bay & Western
Green Bay Wisconsin - 1904
pre 1896 - GBW&SP becomes GB&W.
1896 - SP&N merged into GB&W.
1907 - The Waupaca Green Bay Railway builds 10 mile line Scandanava to Waupaca.
1914 - I&N nerged into GB&W.
1922 - The WGB merged into GB&W.
mid 1931 - The GBW continues mainline passenger services between Green Bay and Winona with one daily train and connections to Waupaca, Iola and Stevens Point, while the KGB&W runs summer season trains to Kewaunee and the A&W to Sturgeon Bay.
1939 - GB&W passenger service on main to Winona is now mixed train only and branch service to Iola is gone. KGB&W and A&W are now freight only.
1943 - GB&W branch liner mixed service is gone.
1947 - A&W sold to investors.
1948 - Passenger service has been discontinued by 1948 except for limited mixed service on portion of the main.
c 1969 - KGB&W merged into GB&W.
1978 - A&W back under GB&W common ownership.
1987 - WBR bridge condemned and superstructure later removed.
1993 - GB&W merged into Fox Valley & Western Ltd. a subsidiary of Wisconsin Central Ltd.
2001- Wisconsin Central Ltd. sold to Canadian National.
The chart below shows the status of GB&W lines up to the Wisconsin Central takeover.

Green Bay and Western - 1950

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