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Gulf Mobile & Northern Railroad

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The Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad was a predecessor to the Gulf Mobile and Ohio. It comprised primarily of a line from Jackson, Tennessee to Mobile, Alabama, with a branching main line from Union, Mississippi to New Orleans. It also connected from Union to Meridian, Mississippi. The GM&N ran a streamlined train, the Rebel from Jackson to Mobile with a section to New Orleans. In 1940 the GM&N merged with the Mobile and Ohio to become the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad.(rp) GM&N
Gulf Mobile & Northern
December 20, 1938
The GM&N Rebel was not only the first true streamliner in the South, it was one of the first lightweight streamliners anywhere along with B. & O.'s (Alton's) Royal Blue and Abraham Lincoln, both train sets of which would eventually be inherited by GM&N successor, the GM&O through it's acquisition of the Alton in 1946. The Rebel's were built with conventional (non-articulated) construction, allowing extra cars to be switched in and out as needed. According to Johnston and Welsh in The Art of the Streamliner, the American Car & Foundry-built train sets, styled by Otto Kuhler of B&O fame, featured coach seating and a sleeper-observation car, with six sections and a drawing-room, staffed by a train hostess.(wik)
Short history of the Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad.
1871 - First section of a railroad from Middleton. Tennessee to Pontotoc, Mississippi is built.
cir 1871 - South portion from Ripley to Pontotoc, and then to Jackson, Mississippi, becomes part of the Gulf
& Ship Island Railroad (later IC). The balance of the line is called the Gulf and Chicago.
1890 - Mobile Jackson & Kansas City railroad is chartered to build from southern Mississippi pine forests to Jackson, Mississippi and on to Kansas City.
1902 - MJ&KS has built 50 miles from Mobile to Merrill, Mississippi.
cir 1902 - Gulf & Chicago and MJ&K are operating under one management although they are 240 miles apart.
cir 1902-1906 - The two lines are finally joined.
cir 1906-1910 - Road is reorganized as the New Orleans Mobile and Chicago Railroad.
1913 - NOM&C went into bankruptcy.
1917 - Road is reorganized as the Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad.
1917- GM&N under federal control during WW1.
1918 - GM&N buys all stock of Meridian & Memphis Railroad giving it entrance into Meridian in 1920.
cir 1920 - Line from Middleton, Tennessee to Jackson, Tennessee completed.
1940 - GM&N and Mobile and Ohio merge to form the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad
Gulf Mobile & Northern
1938 map

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