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Four short line railroads in southwestern Georgia started out as a small logging road built in 1898 by the Pidcock family and which grew over the years to become a 172 mile system commonly known as the "Pidcock Kingdom of Sowega". The first major Pidcock acquisition became the Georgia Northern Railway a 68 mile line from Boston, Georgia to Albany, Georgia. Then in 1910 the Pidcocks acquired the 23.3 mile Flint River & Northeastern Railroad from Pelham, Georgia to Ticknor on the Geo. Nor. main line. In 1922 the 50 mile Georgia Ashburn Sylvester and Camilla Railway was acquired. It crossed the Geo. Nor. at Bridgeboro. Finally in1939 the Pidcocks bought the financially troubled Georgia Southwestern & Gulf which had a 35.7 mile line from Albany northward to Cordele, Georgia. In 1942 the CSW&G was reorganized into its former name the Albany & Northern Railroad.
During the 1940's a through passenger motor train ran the 104 miles between Cordele and Boston on the A&N and Geo.Nor. Local and mixed trains operated on each of the four lines. The FR&NE was abandoned in 1946. The other lined were acquired by the Southern in 1966. Line abandonments started in 1972 and continued through the mid 1990's, leaving only a small portion of the old Geo.Nor. from Albany to Moultrie.

Georgia Northern - Georgia Ashburn Sylvester & Camilla - October 17, 19 43
Flint River & Northeastern - April 1941

Short history of the Pidcock Lines in Georgia

Georgia Northern Railway
1890's - The Georgia Northern began in the early 1890s as a logging railroad running north from Pidcock, a logging community east of Boston owned by the Pidcock family.
1890's - A group of area business men organized the Boston and Albany Railroad to build a common carrier line along the route of the logging tracks.
1892 - The B&A reached Moultrie.
1894 - The B&A soon entered receivership and its assets were sold in 1894 to the Pidcocks, who renamed the line Georgia Northern.
1905 - Geo.Nor. reaches Albany.
1905 - The southernmost four miles of the Geo.Nor. line was relocated to terminate at Boston.
1910 - The Pidcocks acquired the Flint River and Northeastern, a line between Pelham and Ticknor.
1922 - In 1922, the Pidcocks brought the Georgia Ashburn Sylvester and Camilla Railway into the Georgia Northern system.
1939 - The Pidcocks gained control of the Georgia Southwestern and Gulf, which connected Albany and Cordele.
1942 - The Georgia, Southwestern, and Gulf was dissolved and the railroad began operating once more as the Albany and Northern. It remained under Pidcock’s control.
1943 - The Geo.Nor. and the A&N are running a through passenger motor train between Cordele and Boston, Georgia via Albany and Moultrie.
1945 - The Flint River and Northeastern was abandoned.
1966 - In May, 1966, Southern Railway acquired the Georgia Northern.
1971 - GN line Boston-to-Barwick abandoned
1972 - The Southern merged the Geo.Nor. with the Albany & Northern and the Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester and Camilla, keeping the name Georgia Northern for the combined subsidiary. The GN also included the former Georgia and Florida Railroad line from Moultrie to Adel.
1975 - Barwick-to-Pavo abandoned.
1990 - Pavo-to-Moultrie abandoned.
Flint River & Northeastern Railroad
1904 - The FR&N, built in 1904, was a 23-mile line between Pelham and Ticknor in southwestern Georgia. (Ticknor was about a mile northwest of Doerun. and on the main line of the Georgia Northern).
1910 - The FR&N was acquired by the Georgia Northern Railway but it kept its separate identity.
19 43 - The FR&N ran one daily except Sunday passenger train.
1946 - The line was abandoned in 1946.
Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester & Camilla Railway
1903 - The Flint River & Gulf Railway was incorporated with plans to build a railroad between Ashburn and Bainbridge.
1904 - The FR&G section of line from Ashburn to Sylvester opened.
1907 - The Gulf Line was created in 1907 by Southern Railway to acquire and merge several small railroads in south Georgia into a small system.
1907 - The FR&G was purchased by the Gulf Line Railway.
1908 - The Gulf Line extended its tracks to the southwest by constructing a new line from Sylvester to Camilla.
1913 - Another reorganization resulted in the purchase and absorption of the Gulf Line by the Hawkinsville and Florida Southern. The H&FS continued operating under the control of the Southern Railway until 1922.
1922 - H&FS entered receivership and was ordered to be sold.
1922 - J.N. Pidcock organized the Georgia ASshburn Sylvester & Camilla Raiklway in May, 1922 and purchase the Ashburn-Camilla line from the Gulf Line Railway (H&FS).
1943 - The GAS&C operated one daily except Sunday passenger train between Ashburn and Camilla.
1966 - Southern Railway took over the GAS&C.
1971 Ashburn-to-Sylvester abandoned.
1972 - Albany & Northern ando the Georgia Northern (GAS&C) merged.
1982 - Bridgeboro-to-Sylvester abandoned.
mid 1990's - Camilla to Bridgeboro abandoned.
Albany & Northern Railway
1889 - The Savannah, Americus, and Montgomery Railroad obtained a charter for a new railroad, the Albany, Florida, and Northern Railway, which would connect with its main line at Cordele.
1891 - The AF&N opened the 35-mile line between Albany and Cordele.
1892 - The AF&N was leased to the SA&M.
1891 - According to Poors 1891 Manual, the AF&N planned to extend the line from Albany via Bainbridge to the Gulf coast, from Albany via Quitman to Florida, and from Cordele via Augusta to South Carolina. The company’s president was Nelson Tift, a leading citizen of Albany.
1892 - The SA&M entered receivership.
1895 - SA&M was sold under foreclosure to an investor group who reorganized the line as the Georgia and Alabama Railway. The Cordele-Albany line was not included and was spun off as a separate independent company, the Albany and Northern Railway.
1910 - A group of investors organized the Georgia, Southwestern & Gulf Railroad with the goal of opening a line from Cordele to the Gulf Coast. They obtained the first 35 miles of their planned line by leasing the A&N.
1910-22 - Operating under both the GSW&G and A&N names, the Cordele-Albany line continued to move passengers and freight while the Gulf extension never advanced beyond the planning stage.
1931 - The GSW&G (A&N) was running two passenger trains a day between Cordele and Albany, Georgia.
1932 - The GSW&G entered receivership, a status it would maintain for a decade.
1939 - C.W. Pidcock, Jr., owner of the Georgia Northern Railway, was appointed receiver, replacing W.M. Legg, one of the GSW&G’s founders.
1942 - The GSW&Gf was dissolved and the railroad began operating once more as the Albany and Northern. It remained under Pidcock’s control.
1943 - The A&N and the GeoNor are running a through motor passenger train between Cordele and Boston, Georgia via Albany and Moultrie.
1966 - A&N acquired by Southern Railway.
1977 - A&N abandoned.

Alany & Northern Railway - 1943

Note the dotteed extension planned by the
Georgia Southwestern & Gulf but never completed.

Georgia Northern
Georgia Ashdown Sylvester & Camilla
Flint River & Northeastern
Note the line from Albany to Cordele is listed as the G S W & G (Georgia Southwsetern & Gulf), whicch actually was the Albany & Northern (A&N) by 1943. The map had not been changed.

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