Harriet Furnace, Blair County, Pennsylvania
aka Henrietta Furnace

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Harriet (a ka Henrietta) - Was on Sugar Run in Allegheny Township. See Bennington, and also Harriet location.
The following directions are from s&t and may vary depending on where the Bennington ruins are finally located. Per s&t to reach the site of Harriet furnace, from Bennington Furnace return to the car and drive down hill about 0.3 mile. At this point there was an old lane leading to the left and back. (It is possible that the gravel road we turned on to head up to the tunnel and to Bennington Curve is the old lane referred to by s&t. We believe this is near a junction of Sugar Run and a branch creek. So we recommend the s&t directions be followed from here). Follow this lane on foot for about 200 feet to where it crosses two streams just above their junction. On the far bank of the second stream, and to the left of the road there was a large salamander. Although no trace of the stack remains s&t were sure that it stood just about where the salamander lies or within a few feet of it. The charcoal slag begins at this point and goes downstream between the two creeks and also between the creek and the highway. S&t assumed this was the site of the original Bennington Furnace (Called Henrietta [or Harriet]) and that no other furnace was built in Allegheny Township, however, the existence of a separate Bennington ruins would deny that assumption, and suggests that there may have been as many as three furnaces in this area(rp).
Approximate coordinates 40 28.717'N - 78 31.744'W.
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