Harry of the West Furnace, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
aka Temperance Furnace

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Harry of the West (aka Temperance) - is on a run off Little Shenago River in Perry Township. J. G. Butler and William McKinley, father of the President, built this furnace in 1838. They sold it in 1845; and it was sold at sheriff's sale in 1855 and never operated again. Called Temperance Furnace at first in compliment to Butler's wife, it was changed to Harry of the West in tribute to Henry Clay as a promoter of high tariffs and therefore a friend of ironmasters. In 1942, a two ton block of cast iron, either a salamander or the results of a break out, was dug out of the slag pile and sold for scrap iron(s&t). Only a large pile of rubble and slag remain. (P)(V)(rp-1977, km-2005).
Go east from Greenville on PA358. On the edge of town go through an underpass of the old Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad. 5-1/4 miles east of this underpass, turn south on Hughey Road (T640?). After 1-1/2 miles this road ends in another road, Lynn-Tyro Road (T765?). Turn left and go about 1/4 mile to the intersection of Furnace Road (T664?) to the right. This is Furnace Corners. Turn right on Furnace Road. About 200 feet down this road you will see the remains of the furnace in a field to the right(rp-1977). (km) visited this site in 2005 and recorded the location of furnace stones and slag near a large tree. About 200 yards to the left is an Amish farmhouse.
GPS coordinates 41 23.472'N - 80 15.629'W. (km-2005)

Harry of the West site 1978

Suggested Site - 2005 (KM)

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