Hemlock Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

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Hemlock - is along McCauley Run (DeLorme) or Hemlock Creek (Penndot) in Washington Township. It was built in 1845 by W. B. Fetzer(Fitzhugh?) & McGuire; Homer and Eaton. It was a cold blast, steam powered furnace with a 7.5' bosh and 30' height. Production in 1846 and 1847 was 2000 tons and in 1856 1200 tons(hcc). According to s&t it was a water powered furnace. In 1850 it was owned by Moore and Seymour. It went out of blast in 1865(s&t). Most of the furnace was fallen down but a large portion of the inner wall of the stack bosh and hearth and outer wall were visible. It appears that the front half of the furnace had been removed in such a way that it appears to have been sliced vertically with a huge knife. (P)(V)(rp-1977,he-2003).
Drive east from Oil City on US62 to PA157 to the right. Follow PA157 through Coal Hill to Venus, a distance of about 12 miles. Split left onto Gowdy Road (T593?). Follow this road a little more than a mile. When Gowdy Road splits left over a bridge and T586 (McCauley Road) goes right you will see the furnace next to the hillside on the right. Hank Edenborn visited this site in Sept. 2003 and verified the location.
GPS location N41 22.09' - W079 27.502' (he-2003)

Hemlock Furnace - 1977
Front half of furnace removed
exposing inner liner and outer stone

Hemlock Furnace - 1977
Side view of exposed inner
and outer stone

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Hank Edenborn, Finleyville, PA

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