Hewitt Lime Kiln, Bedfford County, Pennsylvania

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Hewitt (kiln?) - On a branch off Town Creek at Hewitt in Southampton Township We found the site brought to our attention by Robert Hornbarger. It may have been a lime kiln, since nop slag has been located and we found no historical record of an iron furnace in this area. We will call it Hewitt until a historical name can be found. It has a few courses of stone on the sides and the front is mostly broken down, however you can make out what appears to be a tuyere opening. The sides are braced up by piles of rock and the stones have been mortared from the outside. These changes were probably made to protect the road embankment. (P)(V)(rp-2005).
Go south from Chaneyville on PA326 to a sign for a covered bridge at Hewitt. (39 45.531'N - 78 31.049'W). Turn left and drive across a bridge at the stream and park. Walk back across the bridge and go to the right downstream along the creek about 20 yards, then work your way toward the hillside through thick brush. You will see the furnace up against the road embankment.
GPS coordinates 39 45.551'N - 78 31.008'W. (rp-2005)

Four viws of the lime kiln ruins near Hewitt, Pennsylvania
Hewitt Special Sources:
Robert Hornbarger, Clearville, PA.
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