Kensington Furnace, Butler County, Pennsylvania

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Kensington - is near Squaw Valley Run in Allegheny Township in the far north east corner of Butler County. It was built by Church, Carothers and Crawford in 1846. It was a charcoal furnace and produced about six tons of pig iron a day. Various dates are given for its abandonment as 1852, 1853, 1859 and 1862(s&t). Only a large pile of stones and rubble remain. Per s&t there was a large salamander across the road. (P)(V)(rp-1977,
Follow PA268 north from Parker toward Emlenton. Do not cross the Allegheny River bridge but continue past the bridge up the hill on PA38 south for 0.6 miles. Turn sharply left on Squaw Valley Road turning uphill and back east. 41 10.420'N - 79 43.144'W. Follow this road to where it turns right into Butler County and passes under I80. Where the road divides the right split is Squaw Valley Road. 41 10.118'N - 79 42.514'W. Take this right split about 100 feet and park.
GPS Coordinates 41 10.083'N - 79 42.540'W. (P)(V)(rp,ph 2004).
Look along the hillside to the right and you will see the 15 foot high mound of stones and rubble at the furnace site.

Kensington Furnace - November 1977

Kensington Furnace, July 2004

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