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Laramie North Park & Western Railroad

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The Laramie North Park & Western Railroad (LNP&W) was a short line railway in the states of Wyoming and Colorado, running 111 miles from Laramie, Wyoming to Coalmont, Colorado. It was constructed from 1901 through 1911, first to access gold mining areas near Centennial, Wyoming and, after the bloom came off the mining rush, to access coal land near Coalmont, Colorado. Here also the resources became depleted and the original railroad, the Laramie Hahn's Peak & Western, went through several reorganizations emerging in 1924 as the Laramie North Parka and Western Railroad. It was under the control of the Union Pacific by 1940 and sold to the UP in 1951. The LNP&W ran a passenger train the 111 miles from Laramie to Coalmont in the 30's, and 40's. After the UP took ownership in 1951 the line from Walden, Colorado to Coalmont was abandoned and the balance of the line remained for freight service only. The line was LNP&W32
Laramie North Park & Western - June 1931
again sold in 1986 to the Colorado Wyoming, a short line, and was subsequently abandoned. A tourist railroad used a short stretch in the 1990's but failed. A ten mile stretch west of Laramie is a hiking-biking trail.
Short History of the Laramie North Park & Western Railroad
c 1900 - Isaac Van Horn, Arthur S. Howe, , and Fred A. Miller, as well as other entrepreneurs in Laramie, Wyoming, desired a railroad to serve the gold mining area near Centennial, Wyoming, a distance of 30 miles from Laramie. The Laramie Hahn's Peak & Pacific Railway was chartered.
1901 - LHP&W starts construction toward Centennial;.
1905 - On May 15, 1905, the Acme Consolidated Gold & Mining Company, was organized in Wyoming with Van Horn, President; Howe, Secretary and Treasurer, and Miller, as general manager. Acme was a holding company for the Acme Gold & Copper Mining Co. and had an interlocking board of directors with the LHP&P and the Northern Colorado Coal Co., all with business offices in Laramie.
1901-05 - The bloom is wearing off the gold mining near Centennial since the gold seam ran into a fault and could not e relocated.
1906 - Coal lands existed in the North Park area of Jackson County, Colorado near Coalmont.
c 1905 - Miller, with several others, began the acquisition of coal lands. The coal lands were conveyed to the Coal Company. Coal without railroad transportation is of value for only local sale.
1907 - LHP&P reaches Centennial, 30 miles from Laramie.
1910 - The LHP&P reached the Colorado state line.
1911 - The LHP&P reached the Coal Company's mine at Coalmont. The rolling stock for the railroad was minimal. It had three locomotives 18 cars and one rotary plow.
1911 - The bloom was off the mining boom in the Medicine Bows and Centennial. Other difficulties lay on the horizon. An action was brought by the Federal Government against the coal company to set aside the patents issued for the coal lands.
1914 - The LHP&P is in receivership and is sold to the Colorado, Wyoming & Eastern Railway Company (CW&E).
1924 - CW&E is in receivership and is reorganized as the Northern Colorado & Eastern Railway, and later the same year as the Laramie North Park & Western Railroad (LNP&W)
1931 - The LNP&W operates one passenger train a day between Laramie, Wyoming and Coalmont, Colorado.
1940's - LNP&W comes under control of Union Pacific, but continues as LNP&W and maintains daily train to Coalmont.
1951 - LNP&W becomes the Coalmont branch of the Union Pacific.
1955 - By 1955 the line from Walden, Colorado to Coalmont is abandoned and the UP Coalmont branch is freight only.
1987 - UP divests itself of the Coalmont branch and it becomes the Wyoming Colorado Railroad.
1990's - A tourist line carried passengers between Laramie and Fox Park.
1996 - Laramie-Fox Park tourist rail line discontinued, and rails and ties removed.
post 1996 - A wonderful hiking/biking trail extends for miles atop the grade in the nearby Medicine Bow National Forest. Big Hollow, Mile Post 4 to MP 14.
Current - The balance of line is abandoned and the rolling stock was sold to a railroad in Arizona.

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