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Louisiana and North West Railroad

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The Louisiana & North West Railroad (LNW) is a short line railroad which currently operates freight service from McNeil, AR to Gibsland, LA (62.6 miles). The track from McNeil to Magnolia (6.5 miles), is leased from the former St. Louis Southwestern (now part of Union Pacific). . Connections are made with UP at McNeil and the KCS Railroad at Gibsland, LA. The headquarters of the LNW are in Homer, Louisiana. The primary sources of revenue for the LNW were lumberf products and cotton during its early years, but as oil and gas fields opered up in the 20's and 30s. Magnolia grew as an industrial power and oil, natural gas, bromide, aluminum wood products , and other industries sustained the LNW. During the 30;s and 40's the line ran 99 miles from McNiel south to Chestnut, Louisiana and connected with the Louisiana & Arkansas (KCS) at Chestnut, the SLSW (UP) at McNiel, and the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley (IC now KCS) at Gibsland, its current southern terminal point. It also ran mixed and passenger trains between McNiel and Chestnut until ending passenger service in 1948. This little short line is distinctive since it has remained in operation since its formation in 1898 to 2008 when it was acquired by the Patriot Rail Corporation.
History of the Louisiana and North West Railroad

1889- The Louisiana North & South Railroad opened Homer to Magnolia, AR in November 1889.
1889 - The Louisiana and North West Railroad was incorporated December 3, 1889, as successor to the LN&S.
1904 - The LNW was opened from Magnolia south to Natchitoches, LA (117 miles), and was projected to run to Ft. Smith, AR (225 miles).
post 1904 - Planned expansions did not materialize.
1913 - The company failed in 1913 and operated in receivership.
1920s - Oil and gas is discovered in area served by LNW.
1922 - LNW emerges from receivership.
1935 - LNW back in receivership.
1938 - Large oil and natural gas field disxcovered near Magnolia.
1939 - LNW emerges again from receivership and the present corporation was formed. Line now extends only fron Magnolia, Arkansas to Chestnut, Louisiana with trackage rights north .6.5 miles to McNiel, Arkansas via the Cotton elt (now UP).
post 1939 - Magnolia emerges as an industrial center and supplies much production for the WW11 war effort.
1943 - Mixed and regular passenger services are provided on the LNWs 99 mile line between Chestnut, Louisiana and McNiel , Arkansas.

Louisiana and North West Railroad
October 1943

Louisiana and North West - 1943
1948 - Passenger service was discontinued in 1948.
post 1948 - LNW cut back from Chestnut to Gibsland, Louisiana where it interchanges with the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley (now KCS) and now operates only 61.5 miles.
2008 - LNW purchased by Patriot Rail Corporation.
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