Licking Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

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Licking - on Licking Creek in Farmington Township (east of Lickingville). It was built in 1845 by Ohler & Co., a cold blast charcoal fired water powered furnace, with one tuyere, 30' high with 7.5' bosh. Production in 1846 and 1847 1200 tons, but later dropped to 400 tons. Owners were William Ohler, John G. Seigworth, John Myers and John Kapp(hcc). Per s&t owned by Sigworth and Fetzer in 1850. It was blown out in 1856. Only a few loose stones were found in 2004. (P)(V)(rp-1977-2004).
Go north on PA208 from Fryburg to Lickingville. Turn right on SR4004 (old 92 spur) through Lickingville, about 1.4 miles east and cross Licking Creek. Turn right on the old highway and go back toward the creek to where a dirt road T602 turns to the left. Follow this road about 1/2 mile to its end at Gilford Road (Gregory Road per latest Penndot county map)(T562?) which goes right toward a bridge over the creek. At the intersection of T602 and Gilford Road (GPS coordinates 41 22.031'N - 79 21.064'W[rp-2004]) the ruins were straight ahead down a small bank. Only a little pile of stones remained (1978), but there are acres of slag. When we visited this site in Oct. 2004 we found only a few loose stone scatteded about. The location was in havy woods and thick underbrush and we could not get a GPS reading at this point.
Estimated coordinates 41 21.976'N - 79 21.093'W.

Licking Furnace Remains - November 1977

Licking Furnace Reamins - November 1977

Licking Furnace Remains - November 1977

. Stone near Licking Furnace - October 2004
similar to picture on left

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