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Missouri and North Arkansas Railway
Missouri and Arkansas Railway (1935)

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The Missouri and North Arkansas Railway (Missouri and Arkansas Railway) was a short line railroad that operated from Joplin, Missouri to Helena, Arkansas, some 368 miles. It interchanged with the Kansas City Southern and the Frisco at Joplin and other points, and at Helena with the MoPac and the Y&MV (IC). During the 30's and 40's it ran a passenger train between Joplin and Kennett, Arkansas and from Kennett to Helena. It also served the famous Victorian style resort of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In 1949 the name was changed to Arkansas and Ozark and the railroad was shortened to run only from Seligman to Harrison, Arkansas, 65 miles, with stub lines to Eureka Springs and Berryville, Arkansas. It then became a freight only line with passenger service discontinued. The line closed down in 1960. The short portion into Eureka Springs has been preserved as a tourist railroad the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway.
History of the Missouri & North Arkansas Railway
1882 - Eureka Springs Railway chartered in 1882 to build from Seligman, Missouri to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
1899 - ESR name changed to St. Louis and North Arkansas Railroad.
1906 - SL&NA name changed to Missouri and North Arkansas Railway.
1906-1935 - Missouri and North Arkansas Railway lines trackage now extended from Joplin, Missouri to Helena, Arkansas, a distance of 368 miles, with stubs reaching Eureka Springs, and Berryville, Arkansas,
1935 - M&NA name changed to Missouri & Arkansas Railway,
1949 - M&A name changed again to Arkansas & Ozark.
1950 - A&O now a short freight only railroad from Seligman to Harrison, Arkansas, 65 miles. Stub lines to Eureka Springs and Berryville maintained.
1961 - A&O closed operations.
cir 1960's - Robert Dorton Sr. establishes Bearskin Lake Railroad near Scott. Arkansas.
cir 1978-79 - Robert's son closed BLR and moved railroad rolling stock, and equipment to the stub railroad and wye at the Victorian Eureka Springs resort area and established the tourist railroad, the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway on the old M&NA tracks.

Missouri and North Arkansas
cir 1934

Missouri and Arkansas Railway - 1943

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