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Manistee & Northeastern Railway

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The Manistee & Northeastern Railway (M&NE) was a railway in northwestern lower Michigan, with a main line extending from Manistee, on Lake Michigan to Traverse City; 70 miles. It had branch lines to Provemont, 15 miles, and to Northport; 23 miles, for a total of 108 miles of line. It was founded in 1887 by a lumber company in Manistee. It traveled through Interlochen and Solon, a circuitous route designed to maximize the amount of old growth "big timber" that could be shipped to the mills in Manistee. Iit also played an important role in providing access to and from Traverse City for the residents of Leelanau County's north and western hinterlands. Passenger service peaked in 1915 with 190,000, but freight service declined with the demise of the lumber era, In the 30's and 40's passenger service on the main line between Traverse City and Manistee was as much as two trains a day, and service on the branches to Provemont and Northport also was provided. In 1931 the Pere Marquette Railroad gained control of the M&NE but it maintained its operating identity. By the 1950's the passenger service disappeared and the lines began to be cut back. By 1960 the M&NE had lost it's identity,
Short history of the Manistee & Northeastern Railway (M&NE)
1887 - The Manistee logging firm of Buckley and Douglas founded i the M&NE in 1887 to go deeper in the forests for hardwoods.
1892 - M&NE reaches Traverse City. In a few days of its arrival in Traverse City, it linked the city to Manistee with stops at Carp Lake, Hatch's Crossing, Fouch, Solon, Cedar Run, Lake Ann, and Interlochen.
post 1892 - M&NE extends branches to Northport and Provemont, (present-day Lake Leelanau), providing access from Traverse City to other parts of Leelanau County.
1915 - Passenger service peaked in 1915 with 190,000, but freight service declined with the demise of the lumber era.
1931 - The M&NE is running a daily passenger train between Manistee and Traverse city with a second train Mainistee to Copemish. It also runs one train a day between Traverse City and Provemont and one to Northport.
1931 - The Pere Marquette Railroad gaine control of the M&NE but operated it as a separate entity, and continued the passenger service.
1940 - Passenger services continue, and service between Manistee and Traverse City is now on two trains.
1943 - Passenger service continues as in 1940.
. c 1944 - M&NE passenger service is discontinued.
1950's - Freight service continues on the M&NE but lines are cut back. Service north of Manistee on the main line ends at Kaleva, 22 miles north of Manistee. Service on the Provemont branch ends at Cedar City only 3 miles up the branch from Solon. Northport branch continues to support freight service.
c1960 - By 1960 the M&NE was no longer operating.

Manistee & Northeastern Railway - 1931

Manistee & Northeastern Railway - 1931

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