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Montreal & Southern Counties Railway

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The Montreal & Southern Counties Railway (M&SC) was a electric suburban and interurban railway which operated from Montreal, Quebec, Canada eastward to Marieville and Granby, Quebec, 47.5 miles where it connected to the Canadian National. It was a project by the Grand Trunk Railway, built between 1909 and 1916. It used Central Vermont tracks (GT subsidiary) to reach St. Angele from Marieville, 4 miles. Service in the Montreal suburban areas was very frequent, and interurban services to Marieville, Granby and St. Angele were adequate through the 30's and mid 40's, although profits began to disappear in the 30's. The M&SC. came under Canadian National Railways control, in 1923, with the absorption of the Grand Trunk's Canadian lines. Maintenance was neglected and services were cut back until all was discontinued in 1956.
Brief History of the Montreal & Southern Counties Railway
1897 - The Montreal & Southern Counties Railway was incorporated in 1897 to build an electric interurban line from Montreal to Sherbrooke.
1898 - The Grand Trunk Railway bought the Ceentral Vermont, and the M&SC was a venture by the Grand Trunk.
1906 - Construction begins.
1909 - On November 1 a 4 mile line of the M&SC was completed to St. Lambert over the Victoria Bridge.
1911 - The Grand Trunk acquired the M&SC and extended the line.
1913 - Line reaches Richelieu and Marieville. 21.5 miles.
1914 - On May 2 the line is completed to St. Cesaire, 31 miles, by electrifying a Central Vermont line.
1915 - A new line completed to Abottsford and Granby, 47.5 miles.
1916 - On April 30 through service to Gramby was initiated.

M&SC 38
Montreal &
Southern Countie
September 25, 1938
1923 - Grand Trunk Railway becomes part of Canadian National, so M&SC is a CN subsidiary.
1926 - Service was provided from Marieville to St. Angele on Central Vermont tracks, 3.7 miles.
1930's - A few losses appear and reappear year after year. Few improvements are made on M&SC.
1931 - In June 20 minute interval service is provided on the suburban lines at Montreal, and interurban traffic to Marieville has 11 trains, Granby 5 trains, and St. Angele 3 trains. Weekend service varies.
1938 - Four ex Windsor, Essex & Lake Shore high-speed cars were obtained by the M&SC.
1939 - Service is virtually unchanged since 1931.
1947 - A peak year for the M&SC was 1947 after which traffic began to decline, no doubt due to new and better roads, bus competition and more people owning their own automobiles.
1951 - Section from Marieville to Granby abandoned and replaced by CNR diesel service from Central Station in Montreal.
1956 - Changes on Victoria Bridge cause CNR to abandon the M&SC so a highway could use the space on the bridge.
1960 - The CN diesel passenger service between Montreal and Granby is terminated.

Montreal & Southern Counties - April 26, 1931

DA map
Montreal & Southern Counties (M&SC)

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