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Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway

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The Midland Valley Railroad, the Kansas Oklahoma & Gulf Railway and the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway were a small group of railroads in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas, commonly known as the Muskogee Roads. The MV and the KO&G crossed each other at Muskogee, Oklahoma, while the OCAA crossed the KO&G at Tupelo, Oklahoma, south of Muskogee. They all were under common management, and the all were headquartered in Muskogee,
under the ownership of the Muskogee Company, which consolidated them in 1927. None of these roads were great passenger carriers, due mainly on their initial purposes to carry coal and later oil from the profitable mines and oil wells in their area to connecting railroads such as the Santa Fe, M-K-T, Rock Island, Frisco and MoPac. However, they did comprise a system of some 725 miles, and offered limited coach and motor trains in the 30's and 40's. The MV running from Wichita, Kansas, through Tulsa and Muskogee to Fort Smith, Arkansas, 322 miles. In 1931, the MV offered one motor train from Pawhuska, Oklahoma southeast through Tulsa and Muskogee to Fort Smith, Arkansas. This service was discontinued in October 1934, and replaced by a mixed train which lasted until the MV was sold to the Texas & Pacific (MP)) in 1964. The KO&G ran south from Baxter Springs, Kansas through Muskogee to Denison, Texas, 328 miles. The KO&G offered one motor train a day from Muskogee south to Dennison, 188 miles. This train ran into the early 1950's before being discontinued. The OCAA ran From Oklahoma City east through Shawnee, Ada, crossing the KO*G at Tupelo, and on to Atoka, Oklahoma, a distance of 133 miles. It offered one passenger train a day between Oklahoma City and Atoka in 1931. This train lasted though 1940 but was discontinued in the early war years. No Pullman service was offered on any Muskogee Road trains.
A few historical facts about the Muskogee Roads
1903 - The Midland Valley Railroad was incorporated in 1903 for the purpose of building a line from Hope, Arkansas, through Muskogee and Tulsa, Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas. The railroad took its name from Midland, Arkansas, a coal mining town in western Arkansas which was served by the railroad. The Midland Valley gained access to Fort Smith, Arkansas via trackage rights over the Frisco from Rock Island, Oklahoma. Muskogee, Oklahoma, was home to the Midland Valley's headquarters and shops. C. Jared Ingersoll was a majority owner of the MV from its inception.
cir 1907-12 - KO&G is formed and built from Baxter Springs. Kansas, through Muskogee, Oklahoma to Denison, Texas, to serve, among other things, the lumber industry in northern Indian Territory, to become Oklahoma.
1923 - The Muskogee Company is organized by the Ingersoll brothers.
1923 - The KO&G is in receivership and is purchased by the Muskogee Company.
1923 - M-K-T railroad was reorganized but the OCAA was left out of the reorganization.
1925 - The Midland Valley acquired the Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway. Both railroads were owned by the Muskogee Company.
1926 - The MV and KO&G are merged.
1929 - The Muskogee Company purchased Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway.
1929-1864 - The MV, KO&G and OCAA railroads were operated as common property by the Muskogee Company.
1930-40's - Limited passenger service, much by motor cars on the Muskogee Roads. The MV from Pawhuska, Oklahoma through Muskogee to Fort Smith, Arkansas; the KO&G from Muskogee to Denison, Texas; and the OCAA from Oclahoma City to Ada and Atoka.
1934 - In October the MV has discontinued passenger service, and substituted mixed train service..
1943 - By 1943 the OCAA has discontinued passenger service.
1943 - MV abandons Hartford branch Excelsior to Hartford Jct., 10 miles.
early 1950's - The KO&G Muskogee=Denison passenger motor car is finally discontinued.
1964 - The Muskogee Roads were purchased by the Texas and Pacific Railway, a MoPac subsidiary. MV mixed train service is ended.
post-1964 - The OCAA was sold to the Santa Fe.
1967 - OCAA merged into the Santa Fe.
1967 - The MV was merged into the T&P, and operated as a branch line for a number of years.
1968 - Excelsior to Panama segment of MV is abandoned by MP.
1994 - KCS files to abandon the Panama to Bokoshe portion of former MV.
Current - Most of the Midland Valley has now been abandoned.
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