Midwest Regional Interurban Railways- 1930's - 1940's
Minnesota Western Railroad (The Luce Line)
Minneapolis Northfield & Southern Railway (The Dan Patch Line)

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The Minnesota Western Railroad (MW) and the, Minneapolis Northfield & Southern Railway(MN&S) were classified as electric interurban railways but used gas-electric cars for passenger transport. They operated in Minnesota. The M&W was built when the Great Northern and the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroads built their main lines west from the Twin Cities, they left several budding communities without train service in the 35-mile-wide swath of land  MN&S logo
between those two rail titans It's line extended 115 miles west from Minneapolis to Gluck, near Claare City. It was under the control of W. L. and E. D. Luce thus known as the "Luce Line." The MN&S connected Minneapolis and Northfield, Minnesota, 45 miles, with several branches giving it a track mileage of 74. It was incorporated in 1918 to take over the trackage of the former Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction Company, It was also known as the "Dan Patch Line" for the famous race horse owned by its promoter M. W. Savage. The MN&S took control of the "Luce Line" in 1924 and changed its name to the Minnesota & Western. In the 30's and early 40's both lines were running one passenger train between their terminus cities. The MN&S was freight only be 1943 and was acquired by the Soo Line in 1982. The MW became freight only sometime after 1943, was acquired by the M&St.L (later CNW) and was torn up by 1972.
Short history of the Minnesota Western Railroad (MW) and the
Minneapolis Northfield & Southern Railway

The Minnesota Western (MW)
1908-1914 - W. L. and E. D. Luce began building their Electric Short Line Railway west from Minneapolis.
1916 - In February the Luce Line had completed a line through Watertown, Winsted and Silver Lake to Hutchinson; 58 miles.
1924 - Luce Lines were never electrified and the name changed to Minnesota Western (MW). It came under control of the MN&S.
1927 - The MW reaches Gluck , near Clara City; 115 miles. Gluck is the final terminus.
1931-43 - MW is running one passenger train daily between Minneapolis and Gluck
1950 - MW is freight only.
1956 - Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway purchased the MW and renamed it the Minneapolis Industrial Railway.
1960 - M&StL acquired by the C&NW.
1972 - MW tracks are ripped up.
Minneapolis Northfield & Southern
1918 - The MN&S was incorporated to take over the trackage of the former Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction Company, otherwise known as the "Dan Patch Line"
1924 - MN&S takes control of the Luce Line and renames it the Minnesota & Western Railway.
1931-40 - MN&S is running one daily train between Minneapolis and Northfield
1943 - MN&S is freight only.
1982 - In June the MN&S was acquired by the Soo Line Railroad, who kept it as a separate railroad,
1986 - On January 1 the Soo line merged the MN&S and it lost it's separate identity.

Minneapolis Northfield & Southern
Minnesota Western - 1931

Minneapolis Northfield & Southern
Minnesota Western - 1931

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