Mary Ann Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

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Mary Ann - is along Paint Creek in Elk Township. It was built in 1844 by Plummer & Craig(jac) or John Black, Daniel Brenneman, David McKee, and John Thom(idr). It was sold to John and Adam Black. Mary Ann was a cold blast furnace with an 8' bosh. Production in 1846 was 1000 tons and in 1847 1000 tons. It was abandoned in 1851(hcc). Mary Ann has many tiers of stone remaining but they are in a disheveled condition (P)(V)(rp-1977, he,rp-2004).
From PA66 in Shippenville, go east on US322 about 3/4 miles. The ruins are visible about 30 feet back on the north side of the road almost at the bottom of the hill and about 200 feet before reaching the bridge over Paint Creek, and 50 feet from the end of the guardrail.
GPS coordinates at road 41 14.820'N - 79 26.857'W.(rp-2004) 41 14.844'N - 79 26.834'W.(he-2004)

Mary Ann Furnace - 1977

Mary Ann Furnace - 1977

Mary Ann Furnace - OIctober 2004

. Mary Ann Furnace - October 2004

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Hank Edenborn, Finleyville, PA

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