Mary Ann Furnace, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
aka Fairview Furnace

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Mary Ann (aka Fairview) - Was built about 1800 by Messrs. Martin and Lewis on a branch of Mountain Creek in Georges Township. Joseph Victor bought it in 1818 rebuilt it and changed its name to "Fairview". It went out of blast about 1840. Its capacity was 1-1/2 tons a day. In fairly poor condition with one opening and only about 10 rows of stone standing, the rest broken down and many stones missing. (P)(V)(rp-2003)
Take the Mon-Fay Expressway (PA43) south from Uniontown and exit onto PA857 prior to the toll portion. Continue south on PA857 to Haydentown. Here you will cross a bridge over Mountain Creek, and about 0.2 miles beyond the bridge turn left onto Mud Pike Road.
N 39 47.336' W079 46.231'
Go southeast on Mud Pike Road a little less than 0.7 miles to junction with Barton Hollow Road from the left. N 39 47.068' W079 45.655'
Turn left on Barton Hollow Road for about 0.12 miles to the creek. Park before crossing the bridge.
N 39 47.135' W079 45.552'
When S&T visited the furnace in the early 60's the ironmasters house was to the right, and a path led to the furnace. These are now gone and a newer residence is to the right of the road before crossing the creek (2003). We tried to contact residents of the house but no one was home. We walked across the side yard parallel to the creek and across an open field to a park like area where we saw the furnace to the right and against the hillside, a distance of about 0.14 miles from the road.
GPS Location N 39 47.043' W079 45.449' (rp-2003)

Mary Ann Furnace - 2002 (rb)

Mary Ann Furnace - November 2003

Mary Ann Furnace - November 2003

Joseph Victor House near
Mary Ann Furnace - Octoberf 2004

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Randy Billert, Scottsdale, PA (rb)
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