Midwest Regional Railroads, 1930's - 1940's Vintage
Ahnapee and Western
Ann Arbor
Big Fork & International Falls
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City
Chicago and Illinois Midland
Chicago Springfield and St. L
Clintom Davenport and Musc
Copper Range
Des Moines & Central Iowa
Detroit and Mackinac
Duluth and Iron Range
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range
Duluth Missabe & Northern
Escanaba & Lake Superior
Ft.Dodge Des Moines & Sou
Green Bay and Western
Illinois Terminal (1937)
Illinois Traction System
Jacksonville & Havana
Kewaunee Green Bay and Western
Lake Superior & Ishpeming
Litchfield & Madison

Manistee & Northeastern
Manistique & Lake Superior
Minneapolis & St.Louis
Minnesota & International
Minneap. Northfield & Sou.
Minnesota Western
Northern Indiana
St.Joseph & Grand Island
TMER&L (Milw.Electric)
Toledo Peoria & Western
Waterloo Cedar Falls & No.

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The Midwest Railroads listed above are a few of the railroads in that general geographic area that operated passenger trains in 1931. We tried to select railroads that had a decent amount of track miles (100 or more), and were not on either the list of Chicago railroads or the list of railroads with connecting through service from or to Chicago.
Several of these roads did not last long into the decades of the 30's and 40's. A prime example would be the two railroads, serving the Northern Minnesota iron country, the Duluth & Iron Range and the Duluth Missabe & Northern who combined operations in 1938 to become the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range. Many of the old electric lines serving the Midwest discontinued service during the late 30's and early to mid 40's. These included the, the Chicago Springfield & St. Louis, the Clinton Davenport & Muscatine, the Indiana, the Minnesota Western, the Northern Indiana, and The Milwaukee Electric Power & Light
The Cedar Rapids & Iowa City, which was primarily an electric line has survived by converting to diesel-electric power and doing local switching work, the old electric line having been converted to a multi-use rail trail. The Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern was a very successful multi-purpose line, not only providing interurban electric passenger service into the 1950's, but operating as a class 1 freight hauler as well, using steam, electric and diesel-electric power. A scenic 12 mile portion has been converted to a tourist railroad the Boone & Scenic Valley which operates a former Chinese steam locomotive.

Midwest Railroad Special Sources
The private timetable collection of Richard R.Parks
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia- (web)
The Official Guide of the Railways-Various dates

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