Mineral Ridge Furnace, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

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Mineral Ridge - Is on a run off Little Shenango River in Perry Township. The site of Mineral Ridge Furnace is on the property line between the farms of Ed Harnett, 1001 Fredonia Road, and his brother Jim Harnett, 1021 Fredonia Road south of Hadley, Perry Township(km/rp). According to Pauline Harnett, Ed's wife, Ed stated that he heard the furnace plant needed a water pump but could not afford it and shut the plant down. There was an incline on Ed's property where the mine cars would go up and down the hill to the ore mine, which went underground somewhere up the hill. Ed and Rick Andrews (km's cousin) graded the site several years ago. Jim hauled a lot of the stone and slag up for the base of his driveway. There is not much left to see except black and green stones (obviously slag)(Pauline Harnett from km) When we visited in 1977 there was only a small group of stones and much slag remaining. (P)(V)(rp-1977).
Go west from US19 on PA358 about 1-1/2 miles. Turn left on SR1001 Fredonia Road and look for residences at 1001 or 1021 Fredonia Road. Seek permission to study the site(rp-2004). The furnace remains were near the property line between 1001 and 1021 Fredonia Road, where the ground drops off to a flat area near the creek. There is much green and blue-black slag present. Most of the stones have been graded over. The ramp leading to the mine on the hill can be identified(rp).
Approximate coordinates 41 24.51'N - 80 14.35'W.

Mineral Ridge loose stones-1978, prior to grading over.

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