Mt, Etna Furnace, Butler County, Pennsylvania

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Mt. Etna - is on Slippery Rock Creek in Slippery Rock Township. It was built in 1822 by Dr. John Thompson with Samuel Kerr as foreman. After six years it was sold by the sheriff to David McJunkin who carried on until 1835 when W. S. Bingham rented and operated it. It was next leased by Ephraim Rose until 1838. and Robert McGowan who ran it until 1841. It later was moved to Pittsburgh and the town of Etna was named for it(s&t). Many furnace stones are piled up at the ruins of the stack. (P)(V)(rp-1978, rp/dd-2004).
Follow PA8 north from Butler to PA173 which bears to the left toward Slippery Rock. Follow PA173 for 2.25 miles to the bridge over the creek. Park on the north side of the bridge at the intersection of PA173 and Ralston Road. Walk south back across the bridge. About 40 feet beyond the end of the bridge turn right (west) at a culvert 41 02.210'N - 80 01.795'W and enter the woods. The furnace remains are about 40 feet off the road. A high stack of loose stones, a millrace and much slag is visible. (The abutments to the old road, mentioned in the S&T directions, can be seen to the east).
Furnace GPS coordinates are 41 02.195'N - 80 01.819'W (rp,dd-2004)
Coming from the north on PA8 from Harrisville cross Slippery Rock Creek continue to Ralston Road on the right and follow it to the junction with PA173.

Mt. Etna Furnace - 1978

. Mt. Etna Furnace - 1978

Mt. Etna Furnace - November 2004

Mt.Etna Furnace - Novem,ber 2004

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