Mount Vernon Furnace, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Mount Vernon - Isaac Meason built this furnace between 1795 and 1800 along Mounts Creek in Bullskin Township. On the iron lintel above the main opening are the letters "MT VN 1801." In 2003 it was in fair condition considering its age. The front and right sides had a few stones missing, and a crack ran up the left side of the front to the top of the furnace. The back of the furnace, near the hillside, had the center stones fallen down from the top of the furnace all the way to the base. The furnace was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1991. In 2004 Jesse and Bertha M. Eutsey, heirs to the furnace site deeded the 1.6 acre plot to the Bullskin Township Historical Society, which has a project in process to restore the furnace. By 2008 the furnace walls have been restored and a stone cabin nearby has been renovated. The trash rhat had been on the furnace site has been cleaned up. Work will now procede to restore the furnace interior. It is the intention of the historical society to restore the site to its original operating condition: this would include a waterfall, water wheel, and a historical information display. This is a fine example that hopefully will be followed at other iron furnace sites as well,(jm) (P)(V)(rp-2003).
Follow PA982 to Wooddale and then turn east on SR1044, Ore Mine Hill Road. N 40 05.718' W079 31.294'. Go 0.8 miles. Turn left on dirt road T819, Eutsey Road.
N 40 05.563' W079 30.423'. Proceed on Eutsey Road about 0.3 miles.The furnace is in a field to the left.
GPS Location N 40 05.760' W079 30.574' (rp-Nov.2003)

Mount Vernon Furnace Front & Side
looking NE - October 2003

Mount Vernon Furnace NorthSide
- lloking South - October 2003

Richard Parks pointing to
inscription "MT VN 1801" - October 2003

Mount Vernon back side deterioration
prior to restoration - October 2003

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