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Northern Indiana Railway

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The Northern Indiana Railway (NI) was an interurban electric freight and passenger railway operating in the states of Indiana and Michigan. It served the cities of Goshen, Elkhart, Mishawaka, South Bend, La Porte, and Michigan City, Indiana, and Niles and St. Joseph, Michigan. Initially an Indiana railway formed in 1905 and merged with its subsidiary the Southern Michigan, in 1930. It also operated the street railways in South Bend, Elkhart, Goshen, La Porte and Michigan City. The NI was fairly successful during it's early years and into the 20's, but financial difficulties ensued and the line went into receivership in 1931. Interurban services were cut back and all interurban lines were closed by 1934. The South Bend-Mishawaka street Railway was the last to go, being replaced by buses in 1940.

Northern Indiana = NI (SM in Michigan)

Short history of the Northern Indiana Railway (NI)
1905 - The Northern Indiana Railway (NI) is formed out of it's predecessor railways.
1907 - NI passes into hands of James Murdock and sons who controlled traction companies in Evansville & Lafayette, and who were allied with the Schoepf-McGowan interests. They renamed the company the Chicago South Bend and Northern Indiana, but it was always known as the Northern Indiana.
1910 - Murdock gains control of the St. Joseph line (Southern Michigan Railway) but operated it independently.
c 1910-1920's - NI & SM fairly prosperous due to strong population base, inter-connections to adjacent lines, connections to steamships at St. Joseph and Michigan City, and summer fruit traffic on the SM.
1918 - La Porte street railway abandoned.
1920 - Goshen street railways abandoned.
1923-27 - Traffic diminishes and roads become unprofitable.
1927 - Lines in receivership.
1930 - NI and SM restructured as the Northern Indiana Railway (NI).
c1930 -The new NI tries hard to improve, with 10 new lightweight cars, LCL pick up and dellivery services, and a new entrance line to South Bend.
1931 - The renewal efforts fail and the NI is in receivership on December 31.
1932 - Michigan City street cars aandoned.
1934 - Elkhart City services and all interurban lines abandoned.
1940 - South Bend-Mishawaka street railways replaced by buses.
post 1940 - 10 lightweight cars returned to Cummins, but ended up on the Indiana Railroad.

Northern Indiana - 1931

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