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New York & Long Branch Railroad

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The New York and Long Branch Railroad (NYLB) was a railroad in central New Jersey, running from Bay Head Junction in Bay Head to Perth Amboy, where it connected to the Central Railroad of New Jersey's Perth Amboy and Elizabethport Railroad. The railroad was jointly owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Central Railroad of New Jersey and became property of Conrail in 1976. It is now part of New Jersey Transit's North Jersey Coast Line (wik). The NYLB, for more than a century, has operated Central of New Jersey and Pennsylvania (and successor company's) trains, originating in New York or Jersey City, to the urban communities of the metropolitan area and to and from points south of Bay Head Jct. and to Atlantic City. The CNJ's "Blue Comet" streamliner, an attempt at competing with the Pennsy, ran on this line.
Short History of the New York & Long Branch Railroad
1868 - Mew York & Long Branch Railroad is incorporated.
1869 - New Egypt and Farmingdale Railroad incorporated.
1875 - The NY&LB line from Perth Amboy to Long Branch was built.
1876 - NE&F Railroad built from Long Branch to Belmar. The rest of the line to New Egypt was never built.
1875 - Long Branch and Sea Girt Railroad incorporated June 18,
1876 - LB&SG Railroad built from Belmar to Sea Girt.
1880 - The New York and Long Branch Extension Railroad incorporated March 10 and built from Sea Girt to Point Pleasant.
1880 - Long Branch and Barnegat Bay Railroad incorporated September 23.
1881 - LB&BB Railroad built from Point Pleasant to Bay Head Junction.
1881 - . On December 20 the NE&R, LB&SG, NY&LBE and the LB&BB, were merged into the New York & Long Branch Railroad forming a continuous line from Perth Amboy to Bay Head Junction.
c 1881 - The NY&LB leased by the CNJ. The PRR had plans for a parallel Perth Amboy and Long Branch Railroad.
1882 - A January 3 agreement split the NY&LB between the CNJ and PRR, with trackage rights for each over the whole line.
1882 - Present - The NY&LB line operates CNJ and Pennsy trains, followed by Penn/Central, Conrail and New Jersey Transit trains continuously and in great numbers in the heavily congested New York-New Jersey metropolitan area.
1976 - Penn Central (the PRR's successor) and the CNJ merged into Conrail, so the NY&LB was finally under control of one company.
Current - The NY&LB line is now part of New Jersey Transit's North Jersey Coast Line (NJCL)

September 25, 1949

New York & Long Branch - 1931
The Line from Pert Amboy, Matawan,
Long Branch and Bay Head Jct.

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