Neshanock Furnace, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
aka Powers Furnace

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Neshannock (aka Powers) - is on Neshannock Creek in Wilmington Township. This furnace was built between 1850 and 1852 by W. G. and C. A. Powers. It was operated for 10 to 12 years. The salamander had been uncovered, and part of the stack above it(s&t). About six or seven rows of stones on the back wall remain plus a pile of stones and rubble about 15' high. All the rest has been removed for other construction. A millrace is visible in front of the remains. It appears that a road was in front of the furnace at one time and the furnace may have been torn down to build the road. Many furnace stones are evident in home construction and landscaping in the area near the furnace for other construction. (P)(V)(rp-1978, rp,ph-2004)
From the junction of PA56 and PA956 in Wilmington, proceed south and east on PA956 for just short of 4 miles where you will see what appears to be an old school house on the left. It is being added to and upgraded in the back. Look to the right and continue past two houses and then an old barn to a telephone pole on the right, about 100-200 yards past the schoolhouse. Park here. 41 04.929'N - 80 17.924'W. Walk directly to the edge of the woods and the hill 41 04.903'N - 80 17.907'W. Look over the top of the hill and you will see the remains of the furnace. Find a path going diagonally right and down to a meadow 41 04.877'N - 80 17.964'W Turn left on a path back to near the top of the furnace(rp/ph).
GPS 41 04.873'N - 80 17.902'W. (furnace 20 feet below)(rrp,ph July 2004)
Another route would be to go to Harlansburg on US19. Just north of where US19 and PA108 intersect, turn west on PA956. Follow this road approximately 7 miles to the location described above. to top
Neshannock Furnac, August 2004

Neshannock Furnace, August 2004

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