Old Cambria Furnace, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

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(Old) Cambria - Was built in 1841 on Laurel Run in West Taylor Township by George S. King, David Stewart, John K. and William L. Shyrock(wes). In 1843 the partners of the Cambria Furnace interested Dr. Schoenberger in the enterprise(wes). It was rebuilt in 1854(s&t). In 1876 it was one of the Cambria Iron Company furnaces(whe). (P)(V)(rp,ph-2004)
Follow PA403 west from Johnstown crossing the Conemaugh River continue to Cooper Road. 40 21.880'N - 78 56.445'W Turn right and proceed for 0.8 miles. Just before reaching a bridge over Laurel Run there is a commercial building at 767 Cooper Road. The remains of Old Cambria furnace are behind the building and up against the hillside. When the building was built the furnace was pushed back against the hill so that now only piles of furnace stones remain.
GPS Coordinates 40 22.400'N - 78 55.834'W. (P)(V)(rrp,ph 2004).
The resident of the last house on the left before the bridge, Stan Pilot, can explain much about the old furnace and its stones, ore and furnace village buildings. Many surplus furnace stones brought down from a quarry up the hill behind his house are dumped along the hillside behind his house but are not part of the furnace. Across the creek and to the right across the road is the furnace mansion which has been extensively remodeled. The ore was brought down from a high hill to the right across the creek and road and above the mansion house.

Stones from Old Cambria
pushed back against hillside
when building was constructed

Old Cambria furtnace stone

Old Cambria pushed back
behind this building

Extra furnace stones scattered about when moving back to quarry

Iron Masters Houswe and Ore
on this hillside east of Olsd Cambria

Old Cambria Furnace Special Sources:
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